Giant GUN Ship

The Letter of Gabriel

The Letter of Gabriel is a G.U.N. Air Force vessel commanded by Amanda Tower.


Global Problems

Early in The Shattered World Crisis, the Letter of Gabriel was dispatched to aid in relief efforts in Station Square, and arrived to find that the Sky Patrol and Knothole Freedom Fighters were already in the midst of aiding stranded and endangered civilians. They then took over the relief effort, which was their assigned task as part of Operation: Triage. Unfortunately, the plotting of Sigma-1 later brought catastrophe to the vessel. Fused together with a government building from Earth 20XX by Sigma's Unity Engines, both were caught up in an explosion, resulting in the apparent demise of all aboard, including Captain and Commander Tower and Team Dark. These events were subsequently undone by the actions of Xander Payne. (StH: #257; SU: #59; MM: #50, #52)

Background Information

  • Letter of Gabriel is obviously one of the G.U.N. Battleships seen in Shadow the Hedgehog.
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