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Lara-Le of the House of Arian
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Matriarch of the Echidnas



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Lara-Le was the mother of Knuckles the Echidna and ex-wife of the Guardian Locke. Lara-Le became furious with her husband when she realized she was unable to partake in raising him, due to Knuckles having to be trained to become the next Guardian. Lara-Le offered Knuckles as much advice as she could upon Echidnaopolis' return to Mobius Prime, and also helped to get Knuckles together with Julie-Su. Years after divorcing Locke she married Wynmacher, which resulted in mixed feelings from her ex-husband and son. Managing to survive the oppressive Dingo occupation of Angel Island, she was transported to the ruins of Albion with her husband and second child, Knecapeon Mace. She and the majority of Mobius' surviving Echidnas would then be banished through a Warp Ring by Thrash the Devil.


Wife of a Guardian and Mother[]


Lara-Le and Locke arguing while a 3-year-old Knuckles studies

Born to the Echidnaopolis House of Arian, Lara-Le eventually fell in love with Locke, the Guardian of Angel Island. Lara-Le married Locke not fully realizing what she would have to give up as a mother being the wife of a Guardian. When their son Knuckles was born, Lara-Le soon realized that the training of her son to become a Guardian did not allow any room for her to participate in his upbringing. She sought out the advice of her mother-in-law Jenna-Lu, asking how she dealt with Sabre's manner of raising Locke. Jenna-Lu explained that she realized sacrifices needed to be made when being the wife of a Guardian and she simply accepted her role and responsibilities. Lara-Le was unmoved by this however. (KtE: #16, CSE)

When Locke insisted that by age 10 Knuckles be taken to Mobius Prime and begin learning to live on his own, Lara-Le attempted to keep Knuckles at home, reminding Locke of their son's young age. Locke refused however as it was standard for Guardians to begin surviving on their own around that age. The issue of their son eventually proved too devastating for Lara-Le, and she subsequently divorced Locke. She tried to take Knuckles with her, but ended up losing custody of him to Locke. While the first divorced spouse of a Guardian, she retained her aristocratic status amongst her people. (KtE: #16, #20, CSE)

Life in Echidnaopolis[]

Lara-Le remained in Echidnaopolis, which existed in its own pocket zone since Hawking's tenure as Guardian hundreds of years ago. During this time she met and fell in love with another Echidna named Wynmacher, whom she became very close with. However, as Knuckles serve as the Floating Island's Guardian in Mobius Prime, she remained completely unaware of the events involving her son's life. Despite the bond they shared, she and Wynmacher agreed to wait until she could be reunited with Knuckles before they made any permanent commitments to each other. (KtE: #4, #5, CSE)

Following Echidnaopolis' return to Mobius Prime as a result of the Ultimate Annihilator being fired, Lara-Le was one of the first people to greet Knuckles when he explored the city. Having not seen her in years, Knuckles at first did not recognize his own mother. Not long after the city's return to the prime zone, the Dingoes pocket zone also broke down, thus placing them in the city as well. General Von Stryker, hoping to gain an edge against the echidnas, sized Lara-Le's apartment complex and took her, Wynmacher and other echidnas hostage. After a brief battle, Knuckles subsequently rescued his mother. (KtE: #5, #6)

After this event, Lara-Le maintained much more contact with her son, attempting to make up for lost time. Knuckles paid her a visit following the defeat of Enerjak and Mammoth Mogul, though this was cut short when Athair arrived. Although at first Knuckles acted rudely towards his great-grandfather, Lara-Le forced Knuckles to apologise to his forefather. Athair appreciated her effort but told her Knuckles was needed for a new task, and transported himself and Knuckles away, leaving Lara-Le upset. (KtE: #10)


Lara-Le talking to Tobor while going through a photo album

Lara-Le would later have Knuckles' ancestor Tobor over, who had been wandering the surface of Mobius for hundreds of years after he failed his job as Guardian. After Tobor explained his life and how he'd been replaced by Moritori Rex, Lara-Le attempted to go through the family photo albums to see if she could locate any pictures of Tobor or his wife Voni-Ca, though she discovered there were none. Tobor explained the "enemy would have been thorough". Tobor soon left however to help Knuckles fight Kragok. (KtE: #17, #18)

Having already attempted to get in touch with her ex-husband through Constable Remington before, Lara-Le decided to go to the Forbidden Zone herself and talk to him about their son. Due to the major weather changes brought on by the most recent Day of Fury, Lara-Le's ship crashed. This was discovered by Locke, who went to the crash site to visit her personally. Once he was there, the two discussed their past, and Locke attempted to rekindle their love, kissing her. However, once Locke reunited her with Wynmacher, he realized it was futile, as Lara-Le showed her true love for her new partner. (KtE: #12, #19, #20, #21)

As her son's sixteenth birthday approached, Lara-Le orchestrated a secret birthday party for Knuckles. Inviting Knuckles' friends, family and co-workers, she worked with Julie-Su to catch Knuckles completely by surprise. During the preparations, Lara-Le discussed with Julie-Su her feelings for Knuckles, and gave her some relationship advice, culminating in Julie-Su and Knuckles beginning their relationship at the party. (KtE: #26, #27, #28)

Remarriage and Turbulent Times[]

Lara-Le weddint

Lara-Le marrying Wynmacher

Following these events, Lara-Le decided to marry her long-time sweetheart Wynmacher. Knuckles, though still a bit uneasy about having a step-father, was happy for his mother and knew Wyn was a respectable person. Following their wedding, Lara-Le was brought to a fancy resort by Wynmacher for their honeymoon. During a kiss however they, along with all of the other inhabitants of the Floating Island (except Knuckles), were transported to an alternate zone by the Dark Legion firing the Quantum Beam. (SSS: #14)

Eventually, everyone was returned to Mobius Prime by Chaos Knuckles. Shocked to see her son green and in a different state, Lara-Le was nevertheless ecstatic to see Knuckles again. When she discovered Knuckles had joined the Dark Legion, Lara-Le was baffled, explaining that both she and Locke agreed where politics were concerned, and that Locke would be just as upset when he found out. When Knuckles attempted to argue they should give Dimitri a chance, Lara-Le yelled, saying "Because he represents a dangerous threat to my children, that's why!". Knuckles then brought up that he was an only child, though Lara-Le then informed Knuckles that she was pregnant again. (StH: #107, #108)

Weeks later, during the Rededication Ceremony, Lara-Le explained to the Councilor that Knuckles had a valid reason for being late as he wasn't one to shrug from his obligations. After the Councilor explained the Floating Island would be renamed Angel Island after Edmund's mother Angel-La, the ceremony was interrupted by a messenger. The Councilor explained the message was Knuckles had fallen in the line of duty, causing Lara-Le to break down crying. Appearing at her son's funeral, Lara-Le was devastated by the loss of her first son, relying on Wynmacher for comfort. (StH: #118, #121)

After the Xorda attack failed and Sonic the Hedgehog was transported into space, Angel Island was invaded by the Eggman Empire and the Dingoes, whose new leader Kage Von Stryker sold them out. Lara-Le and Wynmacher were two of the fortunate echidnas who managed to be protected by the Dark Legion forces, hiding out in the Lava Reef Zone. When Locke was captured by the Dingo Forces, Lara-Le used the Dark Legion's communications relay to contact Knuckles (who was granted a second chance at life) and bring him to Angel Island to help rescue Locke. Unaware that the Dark Legion was the active resistance on the island, Lara-Le was forced to break up the fight between Knuckles, the Chaotix and Sonic and the Dark Legion troops. Shortly afterwards, Lara-Le revealed to Knuckles his half-brother, who they'd named Knecapeon Mace, otherwise known as "Kneecaps" for short. (StH: #139, #140)

When a mysterious figure arrived and teleporting echidnas away, Lara-Le asked Dr. Finitevus who it was that was attacking. The villain turned out to be Hunter, who began sending echidnas to the Egg Grape Chambers. Lara-Le and Wynmacher managed to avoid being captured, though witnessed Remington capture. Lara-Le attempted to comfort Knuckles when the latter showed signs of injury due to his proximity to the Master Emerald, but was moved back by Wynmacher show realized Knuckles was simply having his latent powers (which had been dormant since his return from the afterlife) return to him. After Super Knuckles killed Hunter, Lara-Le told Knuckles to be careful when he, the Chaotix and Sonic left Angel Island to return to the Kingdom of Knothole. (StH: #141)

Srg Simon02

Sgt. Simian with Knecapeon Mace on his shoulder, looking down at Lara-Le and Wynmacher

Due to the Dark Legion civil war, the free echidnas’ protection became less and less, solely relying on Locke to defend them. When the Dingoes attacked the village of Echidnaopolis (named after their once great city), Lara-Le and Knecapeon were shielded by Wynmacher. Just before the Dingo troop struck him with a gauntlet, Sergeant Simian punched the Dingo away. The Destructix then showed up and defended the echidnas, as their new leader Dr. Finitevus ordered them to. Happy to have been saved, Lara-Le placed her infant son on the shoulder of Sgt. Simian as a show of thanks to her saviour. (StH: #171)

Relocation to Albion[]


Lara-Le holding Kneecaps

Weeks later, Lara-Le and the surviving echidnas were faced with the horror of a reborn Enerjak, who proved benevolent as he transported them to the safe haven of Albion. Of course, Lara knew nothing at the time of the full evil behind the new Enerjak: that he was, in fact, her firstborn son Knuckles, who had been placed under the control of Dr. Finitevus by his Hex. As the battle between Super Sonic and Enerjak escalated, Lara-Le and Wynmacher could see the brightness of the battle all the way from Albion. (StH: #181, #184)

Lara-Le participated in the reconstruction of Albion under Remington's leadership. While playing with Kneecaps, he noticed Knuckles flying overhead and pointed to him. Lara-Le realized her infant son was pointing to something, and barely noticed it was Knuckles departing through a Warp Ring. She eventually became the city's political leader under the title of Matriarch, and was captured along with her advisers when the New Megaopolis Dark Egg Legion invaded the city. When Lien-Da boasted that their race would be reunited under her rule, Lara-Le was quick to challenge her, trusting that Knuckles would come to their aid. She also invoked cutting invective against Lien-Da, reminding her of the Legion's failures and its hypocrisy in siding with Robotnik after all that he had done to their people. Lien-Da, angered, demeaned Lara-Le's experience and claimed that her position was based on her relationship with her son, and prepared to reveal that Knuckles had been Enerjak. The arrival of Remington's resistance forces-backed by Team Fighters-interrupted the discussion, and Lien-Da left to engage the attackers in battle. Shortly thereafter, a reactivated security system rendered most of the city's populace unconscious, and Lara-Le and the rest of the Echidnas in Albion were subsequently exiled to parts unknown by Thrash the Devil using a Warp Ring. (StH: #186, #243, #244, CSE)


Lara-Le is dedicated to her people and very protective of her children, and will do whatever she can to keep them safe. She has also shown herself to be of a very spiritual nature, visiting the Aurorium on numerous occasions and trying to teach her son at times about Aurora. Though not a violent person, she possesses great intelligence and is quick to denounce evil with eloquence. Lara-Le also has great faith in her son, though she has objected strongly to some of his decisions in the past. (StH: #108, #121, KtE: #16)


Originally designed by artist Patrick Spaziante, Lara-Le had red fur, brown hair and green eyes. She wore brown boots, a yellow-and-white layered dress/robe and, beneath it, a white and purple striped shirt. Her dreadlocks featured crisscrossing white stripes and she had a single long braid ending in an ornamental orb of sorts. The braid, orb and undershirt were gradually dropped over time.

She has occasionally been miscoloured pink rather than red, and her brown hair has often ended up the same red as her fur. At least once her outfit was erroneously coloured entirely in black. Her dreadlocks were initially almost down to the floor; their length gradually shortened.

For her second wedding, Lara-Le was depicted in a white gown with an emerald necklace and flowers in her hair. Eventually, she was given a massive redesign by artist Jon Gray; her robe was replaced by a yellow longsleeve bellytop and long skirt, both with white trim. She wore an emerald necklace as well as a blue and yellow headband adorned with a pink magnolia. Her few remaining dreads were now much shorter; most of her hair had been fluffed out and a few red bangs framed her face. However, certain elements were dropped and the outfit often miscoloured. A simplified version of this design retained use, though on some occasions her character has been drawn lacking distinct design elements to the point that readers did not recognize the character as Lara-Le. An unused redesign, also by Jon Gray, featured similar elements but sported a more Echidna tribal theme; a long tunic, short skirt, triangle-patterned headband, emerald-themed belt and sandals.


Lara-Le's first love interest was Locke whom she married through the Soultouch. Lara later discovered that he was experimenting on Knuckles and left him. She later remarried with an Echidna called Wynmacher whom she had another son with. (KtE: #16, #20 StH: #139 SSS: #14)

Background Information[]

  • A canceled storyline for post-#134 issues would have included Locke helping Lara-Le to raise Kneecaps after Wynmacher was sent to the Egg Grapes, a plot rendered impossible by Locke's death.
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