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The Lanfront Ruins is a large Pyramid-shaped structure somewhere in the Amazon rainforest on Earth in the Year 20XX. For a while it served as the hideout for Dr. Wily after his second defeat at the hands of Mega Man. Located in the ruins is a mysterious sentient supercomputer known as Ra Moon, whom would go on to betray Wily and plunge the world into a robotics blackout.


Hideout and First Contact

Dr. Wily retreated to the ruins after a recent defeat by Mega Man, where he discovered the mysterious supercomputer known as Ra Moon. Some time later, Mega Man's estranged brother Blues arrived in the jungle to live out his dying days. Dr. Wily discovered Blues soon after, the latter now on the brink of death. Wily reprogrammed him, and, now restored to full health, Blues agreed to work with the Doctor, donning the alias "Break Man". (MMA)

One day, Flash Man discovered a strange blue gem somewhere in the jungle, who immediately took it back to Dr. Wily to examine. Upon analyzing it, he came into contact with Dr. Eggman on Mobius Prime. (MM: #24)

After suggesting that Break Man attack his brother Mega Man, Wily departed from the Ruins to join Eggman in the Wily Egg to start their plan. (FCBD: #6)

Later on, after Mega Man's world was restored through Chaos Control, Wily ends up back in the Lanfront Ruins with no memory of contact or crossing dimensions except a violent unexplained urge to stomp on a carton of eggs which referenced to his hatred of Dr. Eggman, his former friend and partner. (MMA)

Background Information

  • The Lanfront Ruins are a location from the game Super Adventure Rockman, which Archie Mega Man was in the process of adapting at the time Worlds Collide took place.
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