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The subject of this article appeared before the Super Genesis Wave.
Lady Agnes

Lady Agnes.

Lady Agnes Hopkins was the daughter of Donald Hopkins, mother of Angela Hopkins, mother-in-law of Colin Kintobor, grandmother of Hope Kintobor and step-grandmother of Snively. During the Overlanders' travel through space, Colin married Lady Agnes's daughter Angela, who gave birth to Hope and then later died during their trek through the stars. Hoping to distance Hope from her villainous half-brother Snively, Agnes and Colin concocted the story that Hope was actually Colin's step-daughter through his marriage to her mother and that Snively was her step-brother. Upon returning to Mobius, both Agnes and Hope were worried about living with Colin's brother Julian, and was extremely doubtful of their safety. After Colin was roboticized, Lady Agnes told Hope to run. When Hope was hiding in Robotropolis, Julian, now exposing himself as Dr. Eggman, threatened to roboticize Lady Agnes if Hope didn't turn herself in. Just as Hope was about to, Eggman roboticized Agnes anyway. Hope was rescued by Sonic the Hedgehog before she could be captured by Eggman. Lady Agnes was one of the four roboticized Overlanders who remained as statues, all of which were destroyed when Robotropolis was nuked by Station Square. (StH: #93, #94, #105, CSE)