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The subject of this article appeared after the Super Genesis Wave.

Kyle the Gorilla Profile
Kyle the Gorilla
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  • Green shorts with yellow flower design
  • Yellow sandals
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Kyle the Gorilla is a Mobian Gorilla from the Sonic Boom Zone ordered by Dr. Eggman to be his new henchman, but with Sonic the Hedgehog's aid found a more befitting profession.


Kyle was purchased by Dr. Eggman, who needed a new henchman to deal with Sonic and his teammates. After two days in a crate, Kyle arrived at Dr. Eggman's Lair, but when Eggman gave him orders, Kyle flipped out over his captivity and beat Eggman until he fled. When Sonic then arrived, Kyle explained himself and was allowed to stay at Sonic's Shack rather than with Eggman. As Kyle proved too hard to live with though, Sonic had him look for a job. However, Kyle could not keep any of his jobs until Sonic got him one as an actor on the Comedy Chimp Show, where Kyle's clumsiness fit perfectly into the comedy segments. (SB: #11)


Kyle was a large humanoid gorilla, standing even taller than Dr. Eggman, with brown fur, blue eyes, and peach skin. He was very muscular around the torso, arms and neck, and had fur everywhere, except on his front torso, hands, and face. He especially had large hair tuffs on his forehead and chin. However, his feet had no toes. For attire, he wore yellow sandals and green shorts with yellow leaf symbols.


Kyle was a laid-back and good-hearted gorilla, but was also extremely clumsy. Coupled with his size, Kyle ended up destroying everything around him as a result. Nevertheless, he was quick to apologize and acknowledge his mistakes. When flipping out though, Kyle became extremely aggressive and destructive, entering a berserker-like rage where he attacked everyone and everything around him.

While Kyle did nothing but mooch outside the labor market, he gladly handled any profession with unwavering enthusiasm. The results of his clumsiness and bad luck initially left him with a lack of self-confidence, but after finding the right profession for him, he became much more cheerful and happy.


Kyle had fairly high physical strength as he could swing Eggman around by his feet without effort.

Background Information[]

  • Kyle is the first-and due to the series' cancellation only-case of a Sonic Boom character exclusive to the Archie Comics series.