Kraken Sol Zone

Release the Kraken.

The Kraken was a large robot squid in the Sol Zone dimension that was located in Captain Metal's base on Pirate Island. Metal apparently enjoyed feeding his enemies to the creature, and intended to do the same to Blaze the Cat. However, the arrival of Team Rose enabled Blaze to escape her fate, and the Kraken was freed to give chase to the heroes. It attacked the group after they commandeered the Metal Marauder and ran afoul of Captain Whisker, and proved immune to the attacks of both vessels. However, it was destroyed when Bean the Dynamite conjured his "Behemoth Bomb," which was thrown into the Kraken's mouth by Bark the Polar Bear. (SU: #56, #57)

Background Information

  • The Kraken may have based off the boss that appeared in Sonic Rush Adventure, called Ghost Kraken. However, this Kraken is an unpiloted robot, and more closely resembles a squid while the Ghost Kraken is reminiscent of an octopus.
  • Captain Metal's orders to "release the Kraken!" are a nod to the movie Clash of the Titans, which is most famous for the delivery of this particular line.
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