Kommissar is a high rank used by the Dark Legion. The most famous Kommissar of the legion was Lien-Da, who continued to maintain that rank for a time even after the organization became a chapter of the "Dark Egg Legion". Bunnie D'Coolette later used the title as an alias after being mistaken as a member of the Legion by Grand Battle Kukku XV of the Battle Bird Armada. This ruse, coupled with Drago Wolf's assumption that Lupe Wolf would become his Kommissar after undergoing Legionization, indicates that other chapters used the title for officers as well. (StH: #184, #238, KtE: #22, SSS: #14, SU: #18)

Background Information

  • The word Kommissar in German means commissioner, which likely means that a Dark Legion Kommissar has the same duties as a commissioner.
  • Lien-Da was the first individual known to hold the title, and the only member of the Dark Legion or Dark Egg Legion known to have done so. Bunnie is the only individual to ever use the title as an alias, and Lupe was the first individual known to have been considered as a candidate-at least by Drago-for a Dark Egg Legion Kommissar. As such, the only male character to be connected to the office was Drago, which was only because Lupe was attempting to manipulate him psychologically.
  • Ian Flynn has stated that while he would enjoy introducing other Kommissars in the Dark Egg Legion to serve as foils for the various Grandmasters, it is unlikely to happen based on the following factors:
    • Having D.E.L. Kommissars would have required introducing several new characters or reintroducing previously seen characters as Legionnaires.
    • Given that the majority of the D.E.L. chapters served as only occasional antagonists of the major hero characters of the story, such development would have contributed to only occasional appearances in the story.
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