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The subject of this article appeared before the Super Genesis Wave.

Biographical information


  • Teacher


Physical description
  • Blue dress (formerly)
  • Black dress (funerals)
  • Purple dress
Political Alignment and Abilities

Komi-Ko is a purple female Echidna native to Echidnaopolis. For a time she was a romantic interest of Constable Remington, retaining a fondness for him even through the Dingo Regime occupation and the subsequent relocation of the Echidnas to Albion. Like the majority of the Echidnas, however, she was exiled from Mobius by Thrash the Devil.


Komi-Ko accompanied Remington to the wedding of Lara-Le and Wynmacher, mother and stepfather of Guardian Knuckles the Echidna. Remington escorted her home afterward, and it is possible that their relationship continued afterward. Komi-Ko was also seen at Knuckles' funeral alongside Remington and the Chaotix. She managed to survive the Dingo occupation of Angel Island where many Echidnas perished in concentration camps, and was separated from Remington during this time as he was imprisoned. In 3237 she was one of the many Echidnas transported to the ruins of Albion by Enerjak. When Remington was placed in charge of the reconstruction efforts, Komi-Ko looked on with a renewed interest in him. (StH: #121#138, #186, SSS: #14)


Komi-Ko as a school teacher at Albion

Over time, Komi-Ko found a new role as an educator in the middle of the rebuilding efforts, teaching the surviving echidna youth about their people's history from founding the homeland to the present day. However this came to an end when Albion was attacked by the former Dark Legion, who now served Dr. Eggman as a Dark Egg Legion chapter and captured much of the populace. Days later during a battle against Remington's new Echidna Security Team & Team Fighters, a malfunctioning defense system reactivated by the Legion went off, knocking both combatants and captives unconscious. Whether or not Komi-Ko was among those affected, she and her fellow Echidnas were dispatched soon after to an unknown location by Thrash the Devil through a super-charged Warp Ring. (StH: #243, #244)

Background Information[]

  • Komi-Ko is one of the few named Echidnas to have been on Mobius while the race was reduced to near extinction who is not directly descended from either Dimitri or Edmund.


121 - red komi-ko

Komi-Ko as seen at Knuckles' funeral

Komi-Ko is a female Echidna with dark purple fur, matching hair held up by a gold beaded hair decoration, and lavender eyes. In Issue #14, she was seen wearing a blue robe with a purple sash wrapped around her waist, the ends of which also crossed in front of her. She also wore white gloves, and on the occasion of Lara-Le's wedding wore blue bands with white flowers-real or imitation-on them on her dreadlocks.

She was mistakenly miscolored red on Issue #121. During Knuckles' funeral, Komi-Ko is seen wearing a black robe. She wore grey bands with pink flowers-real or imitation-on them on her dreadlocks. She wore her yellow beads from her first appearance.

During her final appearance in Issue #243, her original fur color was restored, excluding her hair, which was changed to lavender. She wore a dark purple dress with yellow and a yellow belt that resembled her purple sash. She wore yellow bands without any flowers on them. She also lacked her beads from past issues and the center of her necklace was changed from yellow to blue.