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The subject of this article appeared before and after the Super Genesis Wave.
You may be looking for the standard Robian version of Knuckles. See: Mecha Knuckles.

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Knuckles the Echidna

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Knuckles Man is a Robian version of Knuckles the Echidna and one of the Roboticized Masters created by Dr. Eggman and Dr. Wily.



After the Genesis Wave swept Mobius, Knuckles was among those abducted by Bass and Metal Sonic v3.0 on the orders of Dr. Eggman and Dr. Wily. Along with Amy Rose, Tails, and Shadow the Hedgehog, he was then subjected to Roboticization. Thus were born the Roboticized Masters: Knuckles Man, Rose Woman, Tails Man, and Shadow Man. The four enslaved heroes were then sent to rob the Mega City bank, only to be confronted by Proto Man. Knuckles Man proved more than a match for the heroic Robot Master, knocking away his shield before Mega Man arrived to help him. The Blue Bomber attempted to reason with Knuckles Man and his allies, but the robots attacked him instead. During the course of the fight, a hit from Mega Man's blaster briefly stunned Knuckles Man, but the robot recovered and escaped to the Green Hill Zone with his teammates through a Warp Ring. Once there, they split up in order to rendezvous elsewhere while the pursuing Mega Man was lured away by Metal Sonic. While Tails Man stayed behind to observe, Knuckles Man and his other teammates returned to the Skull Egg Zone with their prize from the bank: the gray Chaos Emerald. (StH: #248, SU: #51, MM: #24)

Knuckles Man and his teammates were later sent to engage the De-Roboticized Tails and his allies, which included Sonic and Mega Man. After a brief battle, most of the Masters were ordered to pursue the escaping Proto Man while the former Chaotix continued to battle the rest of the heroes. Following the return of this trio to their normal forms, Knuckles Man and Rose Woman remained on the trail while Shadow Man, Blaze Woman, and Silver Man were called away for other assignments. The pair eventually caught up to Proto Man after he had been joined by the restored Chaotix, but were ordered to target Sonic and Mega Man instead and eliminate them by any means

Knuckles is Saved

Knuckles is saved.

necessary. Complying, Knuckles Man and Rose Woman ambushed Sonic's team in a desert region, proving formidable adversaries to the heroes. However, after Rose Woman was restored to normal, Mega Man was able to use her Piko Hammer to overpower Knuckles Man, and a tag team attack by Sonic, Tails, and Rush allowed Mega Man to use his modified Mega Buster on Knuckles Man, returning him to his normal form. (StH: #249, SU: #52, MM: #26)


Like his organic form, Knuckles Man is possessed of great physical strength, and retains his organic form's knuckle spikes in the form of his Sharp Knuckle weapon. However, he is not invulnerable, and Mega Man's Mega Buster has been shown capable of stunning him at least temporarily. Despite his great strength-great enough to dissipate energy blasts-he also proved vulnerable to Rose Woman's Piko Hammer ability.

Background Information[]

  • Knuckles Man is the third instance of Knuckles being Roboticized, and the first not to be classified as Mecha Knuckles.


Knuckles man largely resembles Knuckles, but with a number of Mega Man-esque design elements. For example, his shoes have become boot-like components of his legs, resembling yellow cylinders with green ridges around the bottom and in front with red toes. His gloves have become part of his hands, but now include rounded "cuffs" that extend to his elbows. Unlike Mecha Knuckles, his muzzle is flattened, and the white crescent on his chest has become a raised plate that loops around his shoulders.