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Knuckles Clan

The Knuckles Clan

The Knuckles Clan, or Knuckles Tribe, was a warrior caste of Echidnas that lived thousands of years ago. At some point they became involved in a devastating war, and their violent attempts to gain greater power led to their annihilation by Chaos.


KnucklesTribe fighting

The Knuckles Tribe fighting the mysterious Cat people

Together with groups of scientists and intellectuals, the Knuckles Clan left Albion to find new opportunities in other lands. The voyagers eventually, arrived in Soumerca, where the Knuckles Tribe found themselves at odds with the native Felidae of the Mysterious Cat Country. While the Knuckles Tribe, lead by Pachacamac—as well as the scientist caste, the Nocturnus Clan—desired to remain at the new land and fight for it, the intellectuals wanted no part, leaving the Mysterious Cat Country and eventually settling in Downunda. With conflict ensuing between the two groups of Echidnas and the Felidae, the Knuckles Clan sought out the power of the Chaos Emeralds to defeat their enemies. When Tikal tried to tell her father to leave the peaceful Chao alone and simply leave their new land, Pachacamac ignored her pleas. Soon, the Knuckles Tribe found themselves faced against the water-being known as Chaos. As penance for wounding numerous Chao and attempting to use the seven Chaos Emeralds' power for their own nefarious plans, Chaos wiped out the Knuckles Tribe. Tikal, the last surviving member of the tribe, realized Chaos had become overwhelmed with fury. She used the powers of the Chaos Emeralds to seal herself in the Black Emerald along with Chaos. (StH: #82, #84, #213, SSSM: #2)

The remains of the Knuckles Clan's civilization, which Chaos had wiped out in a matter of hours, later became known as the Mystic Ruins. Remembering the crimes of Pachacamac against their people, the Felidae would avoid this area except in the event of emergency. Locke, Guardian of Angel Island and a descendant of the scientists who parted ways with the Knuckles Clan, later gave their name to his own son: Knuckles the Echidna. (StH: #213, CSE)


Background Information

  • The Knuckles Clan originated from the video game Sonic Adventure. Unlike in the comic, they are the first set of Knuckles' ancestors to be explored in game canon, and are the first Echidnas besides Knuckles to ever been seen in the games.
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