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The subject of this article appeared before the Super Genesis Wave.

The Knothole Inquirer was a newspaper published in Knothole, and was a favorite amongst the populace, particularly female Mobians. This was partly as a result of the "Dear Aly: Love and Loss" column, which was maintained by Sally Acorn under a pseudonym. Her purpose in this was to provide service to the people in an anonymous fashion, by receiving letters about others' romantic difficulties-likewise under pseudonyms-and doing her best to provide advice. Bunnie Rabbot-D'Coolette, Mina Mongoose, and Amy Rose are known to have sent in letters, though with varied reactions. Sally also wrote a letter that was recognizable as being from herself, as a means of throwing off suspicion that she was in fact writing the column. Following the destruction of Knothole and the relocation of the populace to New Mobotropolis, it is unknown if the Inquirer continues in any form. (StH: #144, #175, #176)

Background Information[]

  • The "Dear Aly" column is an obvious nod to the famous "Dear Abby" column in actual newsprint.
  • According to penciller Jon Gray's website page on StH #144, the final letter readable from the Dear Aly newspaper section Sally maintained was from Rosie and concerned her and Uncle Chuck. (1) It is unknown, however, if this is considered canon by the comic's writers. However, former writer Ken Penders' post-#159 plans would have had Uncle Chuck and Rosie going on a date in Knothole, with Sonic acting as a guardian angel to protect them from Robotnik's stealth-bots. [1]