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Knights of the Round Table
Form of Group and Statistics

Law enforcer group


Unknown(During the period of King Arthur's noble rule)

Resident location 
  • Camelot Castle

Sonic the Hedgehog (alternate version) (formerly)

Caliburn (formerly)

Merlina (formerly)


The Knights of the Round Table are the lieutenants of King Arthur in Sonic and the Black Knight, most of the members are alternate reality doppelgängers of characters from the Sonic video game series.



Not much is known about the Knights of the Round Table's past. Presumably, the group was formed by King Arthur during the period of the king's noble rule, the Knights of the Round Table themselves willingly served under King Arthur and followed his every order, bound by their honor and code of chivalry.

Arrival of Sonic[]

Sir Lancelot, Sir Gawain, and Sir Percival are tasked by King Arthur to track down another version of Sonic and a sorceress named Merlina. While Gawain and Percival express their misgivings, the Knights of the Round Table nonetheless obey, and pursue Sonic across the Grand Kingdom and beyond....... (StH: #197)

Background information[]

Other Member's...?[]

Two other member's of the Knights appeared in the game's known as Sir Galahad and Sir Lamorak, they were alternate version's of Jet the Hawk and Silver the Hedgehog,  they did not appear in the game storyline however, only in multiplayer mode. It is unknown if they were member's of the group in this zone as well.


  • Interestingly, all the Knights of the Round Table's original counterparts have a rivalry with Sonic in multiple games since their respective debuts.
    • Another thing to note is that all of their original counterparts (except Jet) have been known to have a serious personality and see Sonic as a foolish but worthy opponent to fight.