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The Kingdom of Leonus was a kingdom in Efrika on Mobius under the rule of King Leonus. In 3237, King Maximillian Acorn attempted to negotiate with King Leonus to have his kingdom join with the Kingdom of Knothole in a coalition against the Eggman Empire. However, because the kingdom was in a section of Mobius which was of little interest to Dr. Eggman, King Max found himself unable to pursuade King Leonus to join their coalition. (StH: #155, CSE)


The kingdom controlled a small part of the contninent of Efrika. It was located on the efrikan coast towards the Central Sea with the capital located on the coast. (CSE)

Political Structure[]

The Kingdom of Leonus was, as the name implies, a monarchy with king Leonus as leader. Not much else is known about the kingdoms political structure. (StH: #155)