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King Gong appears.

King Gong was Dr. Robotnik's first robotic creation, a gold-plated ape of gigantic proportions. Created as Robotnik's first attempt at artificial intelligence, he was brought to life by a bolt of lightning with the intention of finishing Robotnik's chores. The ape-minded King Gong had other ideas, breaking out of Robotnik's lab and rampaging across Mobius, resulting in the creation of numerous landmarks in its wake; such as Big Foot Hills, Giant Gorge, Growlsbad Caverns, the Great Ape Lakes, Simian Falls, Putrified Forest, and Bonehedge.

After disappearing from Robotnik's knowledge, it made its way to Skoal Island where his creator found him years later. Brought back to Robotropolis, it was sent to attack Sonic the Hedgehog and the Freedom Fighters, but ended up becoming attracted to Sally Acorn. Capturing her, Gong took her to the top of the tallest building in Robotropolis in an attempt to woo her, but was then sent plummeting to it demise as the Freedom Fighters used their biplane to spray the tower with banana oil. (StH: #17)

Background Information

  • King Gong's story is an obvious parody of King Kong.
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