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Kayla-La presenting her plan to the High Council

Kayla-La was an Echidna scientist, the wife of Jordann and the great-great-grandmother of Edmund and Dimitri. It was her plan which resulted in the birth of the Floating Island and saved Echidnaopolis from the White Comet.


Creating the Floating Island

Jordann with Kayla-La after the success of her plan

Roughly 600 years ago, after her husband discovered the White Comet hurling towards Mobius, Kayla-La came up with a daring and brilliant strategy to save Echidnaopolis, which would use the power of the Chaos Emeralds to lift their city into the sky. She personally took part in the excavation of twelve Chaos Emeralds, and this strategy was used, thus making her the creator of the Floating Island. Despite the success of her plan, Kayla-La felt that the echidnas were leaving their home behind. (StH: #34, KMS: #2)

Warped History

When Chaos Knuckles went back and time to change history, one of the things he did was destroy the White Comet. This was witnessed by both Kayla-La and Jordann, who were left astonished. Chaos Knuckles undid this change however when Echidnaopolis was destroyed from a massive earth quake. (StH: #101)

Background Information

  • First appearing in StH #34, Kayla-La and Jordann were first named in KtE #10 and later in StH #109 on Knuckles's family tree.
  • Kayla-La was mistakenly labelled as "Prahb-Jo" on Knuckles's family tree in the Complete Sonic Encyclopedia. Oddly enough, she was still referred to as Kayla-La in the Encyclopedia's timeline.
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