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Kage Von Stryker
First Appearance

Sonic the Hedgehog #138

Biographical information

Unknown (Died 3237)

  • General


Physical description


  • Fur: Brown
  • Eyes: Organic-Brown, Mechanical-Red
  • Blue Armor
  • Yellow Boots
  • Yellow Belt
  • Cybernetic enhancements
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Shock gloves
  • Strength
  • Intelligence

Kage Von Stryker was the only son of General Helmut Von Stryker, the former commander-in-chief of the Dingo Regime. Unlike his father, who was calm, calculating and in control of most situations, Kage was volatile, hotheaded and manipulative, and used his extremely violent nature and connections with his father to move up the ranks. After becoming dissatisfied with his father's leadership, Kage ousted him and took control of the Dingo Regime. Forming an alliance with Dr. Eggman, he successfully took over Angel Island and ruled with his own brand of oppression as the region's Sub-Boss. However, his reign was brought to an end by the fourth Enerjak.


Rise to Power

Kage initially looked up to his father, though with time, began to see him as weak (as Stryker, on more than one occasion, worked with his people's sworn enemies—the Echidnas) and sought to depose him. Eventually, Kage convinced his fellow Dingos, who had similarly lost faith in their general, to replace Stryker. When the Dingoes became loyal to him, Kage had his father banished to the Sandopolis Zone. (StH: #181, #186)

Brutal Leadership


Kage speaking to Dr. Eggman

Kage took over as General of the Dingo Regime, where he commanded loyalty through fear. Dr. Eggman, sensing an opportunity, offered Kage a deal too tempting to refuse: in exchange for the technological aid and support to conquer Angel Island and the entire Echidna population, Kage and his soldiers would act as his enforcers on Angel Island. Kage agreed. Kage and his men conquered the Island, with him directing his troops from their city at Cavem Canus. Kage ordered the construction of multiple prisons and forced labor camp programs to enslave the Echidna population. Kage also forcibly conscripted his father's old comrade Harry back into service, likely because of the place Harry held in his father's eyes, and expressed frustration and disappointed when Harry proved to be an inadequate warrior. Later Kage, under pressure by Eggman to find the Master Emerald, personally interrogated Knuckles' father, Locke the Echidna, in hopes of forcing him to reveal its location. (StH: #138, #139)

When Sonic, Knuckles, the Chaotix and the Dark Legion embarked on a mission to liberate Angel Island, Kage ordered his troops to kill them. The Dingo forces were defeated, and Kage was left to confront Sonic and Knuckles personally. The two heroes defeated him quite easily and managed to rescue Locke. Harry aided them in this rescue effort, but was left behind in the confusion. Recognizing that his unwilling underling had played a part, Kage punished him severely, causing injuries that Harry would later conceal with a hooded cloak that covered most of his body. (StH: #140, SU: #9)

Despite the liberation of one of the concentration camps and the rescuing of Locke, Kage and his troops remained a threat for some time. Although while under Locke's protection Echidnaopolis had managed to be rebuilt to some extent, the city was once again destroyed, as its co-protection by the Dark Legion ended when it became caught up in civil war. Despite the Echidnas being reduced to living in a single village, Kage ordered his Dingo forces to continue their assault in an attempt to wipe them out entirely, though this was hampered for a time due to the Destructix. (StH: #150, #165, #171)


Kage death

Kage's molecules being taken apart by Enerjak, along with Cavem Canus

Weeks later while Dr. Finitevus was preparing to bring back Enerjak, Kage ordered his entire army on the move to finish off the remaining Echidnas. But before this could happen, Enerjak was "resurrected". The Echidna demigod's first act was to relieve the Dingo Regime of their uniforms and weapons and banish them to wander the desert wastelands of Sandopolis for their crimes against the Echidna population. Enerjak believed that this punishment would teach the dingoes humility. Enraged, Kage faced Enerjak, defying him with the promise to rally the Dingoes to victory. "I've crushed more Echidnas under my boot than I can remember!" he had stated to him. "You'll be no different!" In response to Kage's defiance, Enerjak took Kage apart one molecule at a time, along with Cavem Canus. (StH: #180, #181)


Kage possessed the typical Dingo hatred for the Echidnas, considering them an inferior race and apparently caring nothing for the suffering he had caused them. Hot-tempered and arrogant, he was quick to assert his own superiority, only to be outmatched by Sonic and Knuckles.


Much of Kage's body was shown to be replaced with cybernetics, though it is unknown whether they provided any boost to his physical abilities. He does appear to have incorporated electrical systems into his hands, much like his father's favored shocking glove. However, he doesn't appear to have possessed much in the way of hand-to-hand combat ability, as Knuckles and Sonic-the latter having been stripped of his increased strength-were easily able to defeat him.

Background Information

  • Ironically, Kage's death was just like what Dimitri as Enerjak had done to Knuckles, except that no intervention took place to save Kage from his demise.
  • Kage's role as Eggman's ally and an oppressor of Echidnas was originally intended for his father; however, when it was felt that such extreme behavior would be out of character for Helmet Von Stryker, Kage was created instead.
  • Kage is the first Mobian shown to have received cybernetic implants while working with the Eggman Empire—later called legionization—possibly foreshadowing the eventual emergence of the various Dark Egg Legion chapters.


Kage's design was essentially split down the middle: from the neck down his entire left side was covered in armor, possibly due to be replaced by cybernetics. On his right side he was clad in a black uniform, with a yellow belt surrounding his waist decorated with the Dingo Regime emblem. His left breast bore an Eggman Empire decal, while his right bore a yellow stripe that bore his name. He also wore powered gloves on both hands that gave off an electrical charge. His head was also split down the middle, but reversed from the rest of his body: the right side was metallic while the left was organic. His mechanical eye was red with black sclera, while his organic eye was blue.

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