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Jules Hedgehog
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Jules Hedgehog was the husband of Bernadette Hedgehog, brother of renowned scientist Sir Charles Hedgehog and father of world-famous Freedom Fighter and hero Sonic the Hedgehog. During his time of service to the Royal Army in the Great War, Jules was mortally injured, and became the first Mobian in history to go through the process of roboticization to save his life, though the process robbed him of emotion and will. His free will was restored in 3235 by his brother through the use of a Power Ring, and following the death of Dr. Ivo Robotnik he was reunited with his son. After the planet-wide de-roboticization by the Bem, Jules remained the last robian due to the injuries sustained in the Great War. Despite this he continued to be the father Sonic lacked for many years, even coming to his defense in several situations.


Early life[]


A photo of Jules and Charles around ten years of age

Jules Hedgehog was born several years prior to the Great War along with his brother Charles. The two were students of Nate Morgan, the Overlander who created the Power Rings. During this time, Jules fell in love with another hedgehog called Bernie as the two would often spar in class debates. (StH: #76, CSE)

Veteran of the Great War[]

Jules served valiantly in the Great War alongside his brother Charles and his old classmate Bernadette. After going on several missions with her and asking her time and again for a date, she eventually relented, and the two would eventually be married during the war. At some point during their service, Jules and Charles encountered the young Regina Ferrum when she came too close to the kingdom's territory and chased her off. (StH: #202, CSE)

During a reconnaissance mission in the Badlands, Jules and his brother discovered the injured Julian Kintobor, who was escaping captivity from his own people. Despite his brother's objections, Jules felt they should help the Overlander as he might be able to help turn the tide of the war. Thus the two brought him back to Mobotropolis. (StH: #50, #72)

Jules wounded

Jules is mortally wounded

During the Overlander's siege of Mobotropolis, Jules was part of a small group of troops that managed to take refuge in the city's underground catacombs, only to be led behind enemy lines by Bernadette and Cocoa. Due to the element of surprise, the task force was able to chase off the Overlanders, defeating or capturing all but the commanding officer of the unit, Colin Kintobor. (StH: #76)

Some time later, after marrying Bernadette and having their son "Sonic" Maurice Hedgehog, Jules was part of a small task force employed to seek out and recover the infamous historian Kirby. While on the mission the group encountered a lone Overlander soldier. In his haste to capture the enemy, Jules was caught off guard and shot. The enemy troop was subsequently defeated by Bernadette, and Jules was brought back to Mobotropolis to undergo treatment. (StH: #77)

The First Robian[]

Despite arriving in time for medical treatment, Jules' wounds proved mortal, and he would have died. With no other alternative to save his brother's life, Charles decided there was only one hope to save Jules: the Roboticizer, a machine he had desperately worked to develop after the war had ended. Unbeknownst to Charles, Warlord Julian had already tampered with the machine, and upon Jules' roboticization, he became little more than an obedient drone. Robbed of his free will, Jules was rendered seemingly lifeless, which Charles blamed himself for. The roboticized Jules' abilities were later studied secretly by Julian, and when Bernadette discovered them, Robotnik manipulated Jules into roboticizing his own wife. Worse, Jules remained fully aware of what was taking place around him, but was powerless to act against it. (StH: #46, #78, #79, CSE)

Reunited with Sonic[]

Years later, Jules managed to regain his free will after his brother, who had regained his free will when Robotnik opened up The Void, provided him with a Power Ring. Jules was surprised and overjoyed to learn that Bernadette had also regained her free will. Together the free-willed robians began an underground network in Robotropolis to help the Freedom Fighters in their war against Robotnik. (StH: #30, #79)

Sonic Period

Jules elaborating on Sonic's real name shortly after their reunion

After Robotnik's demise, Jules and the rest of the Robians hid in the slums of Robotropolis. Soon afterward, he met his son for the first time in roughly ten years. Unfortunately, Jules had a rough time being a father, as his brother Charles is Sonic's established father figure. Shortly after being reunited with his parents, Sonic was quite embarrassed with Jules for calling Sonic by his middle name "Maurice," right in front of Knuckles and Antoine. While Sonic chased Antoine to keep him quiet, Knuckles explained to Jules that he sympathized with this ordeal as he has his own share of family problems. (StH: #53, SSS: #2)

Jules' relationship with his son continued to be rocky at times, he and his wife had became estranged from Sonic in the years he thought them to be dead. This mistrust was exploited by Ixis Naugus, who used it to fan the flames of suspicion within King Acorn in order to take control of his mind. The result was near civil war within the recaptured Mobotropolis. (StH: #54, SSS: #4)

Jules and Bernie learned just how much Sonic cared about them just before he departed with Tails to hunt down Ixis Naugus. When Bernie reminded Sonic not to forget his toothbrush and clean socks, Jules stated Sonic could take care of himself. However Sonic quickly hugged him and Bernie and said he needed them both now more than ever. (StH: #57)

When Robo-Robotnik returned and re-enslaved all of the Robians, Jules and Bernie were unaffected due to a ring-based gift Sonic had given them, with help from Chuck and Nate Morgan. When Robo-Robotnik had Sonic cornered aboard his space station and gloated about his triumph, Jules and Bernie revealed that they still had their free will, distracting Robo-Robotnik long enough for Sonic, Jules and Bernie to retreat. Still this incident - combined with the temporary loss of Uncle Chuck and Muttski - would cause Sonic to fear for their safety but also grow emotionally closer to them. (StH: #73, #75, #80)

The Last Robian[]


Jules protecting Sonic from the Tommy Turtle Auto-Automaton

Adding to his problems, Jules is the last remaining Robian who has not been de-roboticized; when the aliens known as the Bem used their technology to de-roboticize everyone on the planet, Jules remained the only Robian trapped in his robotic state — excluding Bunnie Rabbot, who had previously replaced her roboticized parts for regular cybernetics for health reasons. Sonic later discovered from Ceneca 9009, the Bem scientist responsible for the de-roboticization of Mobius, that Jules' war injuries sustained before his roboticization would return and kill him if he was ever de-roboticized. (StH: #123, #129, #134)

Being roboticized did not make him invulnerable though. When Dr. Eggman sent an Auto Automaton disguised as Tommy Turtle to Knothole, Jules's audio sensors picked up a possible assassination attempt, and he confronted the infiltrator, only for the robot to drill a gaping hole through his key circuits. After destroying the fake turtle, Sonic took Jules's body to Chuck, only for Chuck to conclude that Jules's life force was gone. Just as Chuck pronounced Jules dead, Sonic remembered the Lake of Rings. Noting the time, Sonic raced to the lake, swiped a Power Ring, and used it to bring Jules back from the dead. Fully recovered, Jules would be called upon to rescue the Freedom Fighters from Isaac's bunker, bringing along his brother for help. (StH: #136, #158, #149)

After Eggman received a warning that he would be "shut down" within 24 hours, the dictator took a visit to Knothole in order to ask for Sonic's help. Upon arriving at the Hedgehog's home, Jules confronted Eggman, pressing him for answers on why he had come. After Eggman explained the situation, Jules was still hesitant to allow Eggman to simply use his son's skills to save him, even though Eggman claimed he could restore Jules to normal. Jules would subsequently become involved in defending Knothole from the renegade Metal Sonic Troopers, using his enhanced abilities to save several civilians before relocating to the castle. (StH: #157, #158, #159)

Jules Controlled

Jules under A.D.A.M.'s control carrying Tails.

Jules, NICOLE, and Bunnie were unknowingly infiltrated by nanites under the control of A.D.A.M. at the behest of Eggman, presumably for intelligence-gathering. A.D.A.M. later used Jules in his own plan, which he set in motion when Jules kidnapped Tails and brought him to a huge 'city' built by the Nanites. Jules was then instructed to self-destruct once his task was completed, but instead he took advantage of a loophole in the order, as A.D.A.M. didn't explicitly tell him when to self-destruct. He was able to hold off the process until A.D.A.M. was destroyed and his influence over Jules and the others ended. (StH: #159, #168, #169)

Jules then moved on with his life loving his family and friends. When a group of Chao were discovered near their home, Jules insisted on keeping one of them as a pet following Eggman's failure to destroy the Chao Garden. Due to the Chao's property of taking on characteristics of their companions, the Chao became metal and resembled a robotic version of itself. (StH: #173, #174)

Jules confronts Scourge

Jules confronting Scourge during the latter's break in of the Hedgehog home.

Later, Scourge the Hedgehog attempted to sneak into Sonic's house at night to beat him up, only to be confronted by Jules, who had apparently been expecting him. Jules was quick to insult Scourge, stating that because Mobius was full of heroes, their universe must be full of cowards. Scourge revealed to Jules his history with his father, and how Moebius had been a peaceful place until ten years after the Great Peace when everything stagnated and went into decline, at which point Scourge "woke it up," furthermore implying that he had killed his own father. Scourge then proceeded to threaten Jules, but the Robian simply stood up to him, called the green hedgehog a coward, and pointed out he was a veteran of the Great War and would not go quietly, adding that while Scourge might not miss his father, he was certain that Sonic would not let the murder of his father slide, thus putting an enormous price over Scourge's head. Affected by Jules' words, Scourge left the house in tears, remarking, "Just a bunch of empty words. You're no different from my old man after all." (StH: #192)

He stood by his wife as NICOLE and his brother informed him of how his son had been left on Moebius with Amy Rose. Once this crisis was over, Jules and Bernie got to spend a little time with their son before the next big push that was soon to come. Jules apparently passed through much of the trouble that afflicted New Mobotropolis afterwards unscathed, though he and his wife later looked on in horror as the Death Egg Mark 2 initiated Operation: Clean Sweep. Though Jules would not be permanently harmed by that trial, he was later threatened with destruction at the hands of Robotnik's world Roboticizer, a machine that would have short-circuited and destroyed the Robian Hedgehog. The Freedom Fighters were able to destroy the device, but with the Roboticization of Sally Acorn into Mecha Sally, Jules ceased to be the last Robian. (StH: #195, #197, #224, #230)

Troubled Times[]

Jules and Bernie would find themselves comforting Sonic and his friends, notably Amy Rose, in the fact of various tragedies in their group, including the near death of Antoine D'Coolette. The young girl Hedgehog came to the family's home wanting to speak with Sonic, but ended up talking to the older couple instead and confessing her own overwhelming feelings as they listened sympathetically. Some time later, Jules had Charles over to his home for dinner, and the Hedgehogs enjoyed a wonderful meal while secretly being observed by a forlorn Shard. (StH: #235, SU: #44)

Naugus visits Sonics house

Jules and Bernadette when Naugus visits.

Later, Naugus himself visited Jules and Bernie while Sonic was away, offering to use his magic to reverse Jules's Robian transformation and make him flesh-and-blood again just as he had with Bunnie if he agreed to a magical contract with him; in reality, however, Naugus simply sought to possess Jules and use him as a host body to cure the volatile mutations that had been plaguing him since Operation: Clean Sweep. Both of them, and Muttski, were unconvinced and argued against it since Bunnie didn't need to enter a contract. Bernie argued that he may have another motive and Jules could be injured in a process that can't be explained, while Jules stated that Naugus nearly drove Mobians and Robians to war, was the enemy of his mentor Nate Morgan, and most of all, tried to kill his son before ordering him out of the house. (StH: #241)


In his youth, Jules Hedgehog was very different from his mild-mannered brother: he possessed all the stubbornness and daring that his son Sonic would later develop. Despite this, he-like Sonic after him-was also a being of bravery and compassion. These qualities eventually won the heart of his wife, Bernadette. Following his Roboticization, however, Jules matured a great deal, and his status as a Robian-particularly after being forced to Roboticize his own wife and serve Robotnik's agenda-weighed heavily on him for some time.

Calm and caring is the best way to describe the adult Jules: his family means the world to him. Despite being stuck as a Robian he remains in good spirit, choosing to get on with his life rather than brood over the downsides (a trait his son has inherited). He is less strict than his wife in parenting, having realized their son is a teenager now, not a little boy and allows accordingly more freedom.

Jules is also fiercely protective of his family, and has courage well-honed from his experiences in the Great War. He was quick to act to protect Sonic from an Auto Automaton that tried to kill him in is sleep, nearly losing his own life as a result. Additionally, when Scourge the Hedgehog came to their home to attack Sonic and found Jules waiting for him, Jules was quick to inform Scourge that he didn't fear him. Furthermore, he was clearly willing to fight and die if it meant protecting his son.


Jules is married to Bernadette Hedgehog, and their early relationship was not unlike that which Sonic later cultivated with Sally Acorn-he being the headstrong would-be hero, and she the more methodical strategist. Their years together have helped them both to mature, and while they have been through horrible experiences, these too have only strengthened their bond. Jules remains firmly devoted to his wife, and together the two of them are a formidable team.

Background Information[]

  • Former writer Ken Penders revealed on his forum that in his post-#159 plans, he would have Jules resenting his condition as a Robian, prompting Sonic to seek a solution to his father's predicament. In the end, Jules would still be a Robian, but would have resembled his organic form due to nanotechnology. [1]
  • In his very first appearance via flashback in Chuck's memories, Jules' roboticized form greatly resembled Sonic's design as Mecha Sonic featured in Sonic & Knuckles: Mecha Madness, rather than a design similar to Chuck's own roboticized form. In his first appearance in the present however, Jules featured a completely new design with no visual callbacks to either Sonic or Chuck's roboticized forms, and maintained this design throughout his appearances.
  • The Chao's form influenced by Jules was an obvious nod to the character Omochao who provides tutorials in the game series.
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