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Jordann with Kayla-La

Jordann was an Echidna scientist, the the husband of Kayla-La and the great-great-grandfather of Edmund and Dimitri. His is primarily remembered for discovering the White Comet on a collision course with Echidnaopolis while charting the Alpha Quadrant.


Lifting Echidnaopolis into the sky

Jordann charting the Alpha Quadrant with his wife Kayla-La

Roughly 600 years ago, he discovered the White Comet hurling towards Mobius while charting the Alpha Quadrant with his wife. His wife then created the idea to use the Chaos Emeralds to lift Echidnaopolis into the sky and avoid destruction. (StH: #34)

Warped History

When Chaos Knuckles went back and time to change history, one of the things he did was destroy the White Comet. This was witnessed by both Jordann and Kayla-La, who were left astonished. Chaos Knuckles undid this change however when Echidnaopolis was destroyed from a massive earthquake. (StH: #101)

Background Information

  • First appearing in StH #34, Jordann and Kayla-La names weren't mentioned until KtE #10. Originally spelled as "Jor-Dann", this was retconned to be Jordann in the family tree included in StH #109.
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