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Jordan of the House of Edmund
Biographical information

Unknown (Died ????)

  • Guardian of the Floating Island (formerly)


Physical description


  • Fur: Red
  • White crest on chest
  • White spiked gloves
  • Blue vest
  • Gray boots
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Enhanced Intelligence
  • Enhanced strength
  • Chaos-based powers

Jordan was a Mobian Echidna, the brother of Aaron and the son of Rembrandt. He was the first Guardian to be trained at a young age to survive on his own.


Training to Become a Guardian

Following Aaron's death while stopping Menniker from launching a nuclear missile, Jordan approached his grieving father and asked if he could be trained as a Guardian too in order to take up his brother's place. Rembrandt agreed, but trained Jordan in a different fashion than any previous Guardian. By keeping certain information — including the continued existence of previous Guardians — secret from Jordan, Rembrandt taught his son to gain responsibility gradually, eventually leaving him alone to learn self-reliance in a tradition that continued on to Jordan's son Mathias all the way down to Knuckles, though the Brotherhood of that time were uneasy about this change in tradtion. (KtE: #25)

After Death

Brotherhood deceased

Jordan (second on the top row) along with the other deceased Guardians watching Knuckles's funeral

Generations later, Jordan appeared to the deceased Knuckles along with other deceased Brotherhood members at the youngest Guardian's funeral. (StH: #121)

Background Information

  • Jordan was the second Guardian with a unique marking on his forehead. The first was his grandfather Harlan, and those that followed include his son Mathias and great-great-great-grandson Sojourner, though the latter has a metal plate there instead of a natural marking.


A red Echidna, Jordan wore a blue vest, white gloves and grey boots. Jordan featured a unique marking on his forhead, a trait he shared with his grandfather Harlan and son Mathias. In the afterlife, Jordan's marking on his forehead looked more like a metal plate similar to that Sojourner. It isn't explained wether his marking was replaced by a metal plate at some point during his life, or if it was simply an artistic error.

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