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Jonathan "Jon" Gray is a former long-time artist and compilation organizer for the Archie Sonic the Hedgehog comics. He is known in the Sonic fandom as "WB".

His earliest work on the comic was in 2004, where he pencilled "Home: Epilogue" for StH#134. He continued to work on the series in various forms before his departure in 2015.


Character Designs

Rejected/Discarded Work

Background Information

  • In addition to being an artist for the comic, Jon has worked with various writers-including Ian Flynn and Karl Bollers-on storyline for the comic.
  • He has stated that his least favorite work is "Home: Epilogue" due to him being the one who drew the infamous scene where Sally slaps Sonic after he hesitantly refused to abandon his fight with Eggman to be by her side.
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