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Current Continuity

You may be looking for the counterpart of Snively Robotnik from the Litigopolis Zone, Johnny Snively.

Biographical information
Physical description
  • Color scheme: Green, white, yellow, gray, red, dark gray
  • Eyes: Black with yellow sclera
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Flight
  • Super speed

Johnny is a robotic pirate and a minion of Captain Whisker, and one of the many pirates who inhabits the Sol Zone. As such, he has been a frequent opponent of Blaze the Cat and her various allies.


Servant of Eggman Nega

Johnny was presumably created by Dr. Eggman Nega and employed by him in his efforts to claim the Sol Emeralds and Jeweled Scepter. In the course of these escapades under Whisker's command, Johnny butted heads with Sonic the Hedgehog and his allies. Despite his great speed, Johnny could never defeat the heroes, not even after teaming up with Whisker for a final showdown with the heroes. (SRA)

Johnny Flees

Johnny escapes with a stolen Sole Emerald.

Johnny, Whisker, and their crew-including the annoying Mini and Mum-would soon find their dominance of the Sol Zone's oceans threatened by Captain Metal, who managed to steal one of the Sol Emeralds. After it was stolen from Metal by Bean the Dynamite and Bark the Polar Bear on Pirate Island, Johnny swept in and stole the gemstone from them. Returning to Whisker's ship, he delivered the jewel to his captain only for them to come under attack by the Metal Marauder, Captain Metal's vessel, under the command of Team Rose. The two vessels were then attacked by the Kraken, and Johnny attempted to flee the battle only to be halted by Whisker. In the ensuing battle, the Kraken was destroyed and the Marauder sunk, but the Sol Emerald was lost to Captain Metal. Fearing the rise of Metal's Egg O' War, Whisker's crew-Johnny included-took their leave, and were joined by deserters from the Marauder. (SU: #57, #58)


Johnny is boastful and arrogant, supremely confident in his own speed and abilities. However, his incredible speed seems to lend to a cowardly streak, as he is more interested in hitting and running-or simply running-than in fighting.


Johnny is equipped with incredible speed and flying ability, and is capable of long distance flight, exceeding the abilities of Cream the Rabbit.

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