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Current Continuity

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This is about the Jet from Sonic's World; for other versions and uses of the name, see Jet (disambiguation).
Jet the Hawk
First Appearance

Sonic the Hedgehog #163

Biographical information






Physical description


  • Height: 100cm
  • Weight: 33kg
  • Feathers: green
  • Eyes: blue
  • Gold & White Goggles
  • Red boots
  • Red & white gloves
Political Alignment and Abilities

Jet the Hawk is a green Mobian Hawk and expert Extreme Gear rider and the leader of the Babylon Rogues.


Jet and his teammates Wave the Swallow and Storm the Albatross made a name for themselves in stealing at a young age, but their eyes were always on a greater prize: the legendary Babylon Garden, home of their ancestors, the Babylonians. This quest eventually led them to seek out the seven Chaos Emeralds, which led to a rivalry with the members of Team Sonic and their mutual competition in an Extreme Gear race set up by Eggman. Jet succeeded in raising Babylon Garden using the Key to Babylon Garden and the power of the Emeralds, but after facing Angelus and Sonic the Hedgehog learned that the legendary treasure aboard was a primitive form of Extreme Gear. Undaunted, Jet and his teammates continued their quest and their rivalry with the heroes, eventually learning that the Garden was actually a spacecraft known as Astral Babylon and taking part in another Extreme Gear competition. (VG: SR, SR:ZG, SFR)

At some point, the Rogues apparently encountered the Hooligans and Blaze the Cat while the latter was visiting the Prime Zone. (SU: #55)


Jet is brash and cocky, eager to make a legend of himself. He's greedy and while he enjoys a challenge, he also hates to lose, so he's not above cheating.



Jet is an incredibly skilled rider of Extreme Gear, and is also extremely fast in his own right. He possesses some skill in combat, but is usually at his best atop his Extreme Gear.

Background information

  • Some fans believe Jet to be modeled after Bean the Dynamite from Sonic the Fighters, and in some cases, people even mistook Jet for Bean when they first saw him in Sonic Riders.
  • It's possible that Jet's species was chosen as a reference to the famous skateboarder, Tony Hawk, as they are both skilled board riders.
  • Jet was one of a handful of recurring "modern" Sega characters who did not appear in the Worlds Collide crossover. This fact was acknowledged in the Off Panel for StH #251, in which Jet expressed his displeasure and was comforted by Big the Cat.
  • Jet is also one of the few SEGA characters from the Archieverse to have a biological family introduced on the video game continuity. A picture of his father can be seen on the Sonic Riders games.

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