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The subject of this article appeared before the Super Genesis Wave.
Jeepers Gives Me Creepers


Jeepers is a Mobian bee who lived in the Golden Hive Colony and served as a butler to the royal family in their castle. When Prince Charmy became frightened of accepting the responsibilities that would be bestowed upon him at the Acknowledgment Ceremony, he ran away and crashed right into Jeepers while trying to flee the palace, causing him to drop and break an entire tray of dishware. In 3236 Jeepers was present at the funeral ceremony for Mello, and later was present for a ceremony welcoming Charmy back to the kingdom. (KtE: #14, #15)

Jeepers is believed to be among the citizens of Golden Hive Colony that were either captured and killed or scattered following the Eggman Empire's invasion in 3237 during Sonic's year-long absence in space. (StH: #138)

While nothing is really known about Jeepers personally, some fans have speculated that his character may be described as "tipsy" based entirely on how he carries himself and his expressions.