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The subject of this article appeared before the Super Genesis Wave.

Jacques D'Coolette
Jacques D'Coolette
Biographical information
Physical description
  • Light blue shirt
  • Blue cuffed pants
  • Belt
  • Brown boot
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Skilled swordsman
  • Super strength
  • Booster rocket in right leg for self-propelled flight
  • Sword configuration in left arm

Jacques D'Coolette is the son of Antoine and Bunnie D'Coolette in the Light Mobius universe. In 3267, Jacques and his sister Belle went to Portal on Angel Island to hear King Sonic's speech at the celebration of the Five Years of Peace, but they instead witnessed a failed assassination attempt on King Sonic and his family. The two were later contacted by Argyle the Crocodile about the Dark Presence's takeover of Castle Mobius and went to the King's aid, joining the small group aiming to retake the castle, forming the Future Freedom Fighters. After the Dark Presence released King Shadow and evacuated due to his new plan, Jacques and the rest of the Freedom Fighters helped to defeat Tikhaos, the result of Tikal being forced to merge herself with Chaos during the Elemental War.


Future Freedom Fighter[]

Sonic Jacques and Belle

King Sonic, Jacques, and Belle taking the "direct approach."

Arriving with his sister Belle D'Coolette to hear King Sonic's celebratory speech on the Five Years of Peace, Jacques was invited to the home of Argyle the Crocodile after his friend caught word of the Dark Presence takeover of Castle Mobius. The two joined Sonic, Argyle, Lara-Su, Skye, and Melody Prower in becoming members of the Future Freedom Fighters, who then stormed Castle Mobius. They were met, however, by the creature Tikhaos, whom King Shadow had unleashed and evolved into Perfect Tikhaos. (SU: #7)

Jacques explained about the Ixis Resurgence and how Tikhaos's current state was created. Lara-Su then commanded a direct assault with Belle and Jacques working together. After Jacques cut off a portion of Tikhaos's arm, Melody saved him from the rest of the arm; flirting, he thanked her. Belle then told Jacques to get out of the path of Tikhaos's attack, but the attack was halted by Silver's psychokinesis. They then grabbed and held one of Tikhhaos' arms so King Sonic could attempt to land a final strike. Unfortunately, Sonic's attack was deflected, but Manik and Sonia suddenly made a second attempt together and were successful. The danger over, Jacques then joined the rest of the fighters to be "ready for anything". (SU: #8)


Jacques is something of a ladies' man, as shown when he introduced himself to Lara-Su by kissing her on the hand, provoking a hint of jealousy from Argyle. He has inherited his father's sense of honor and respects the King.


Jacques apparently finds Lara-Su attractive, and kissed her hand upon meeting her for the first time, though this may have only been a gentlemanly gesture. He also appears attracted to Melody, whom he carried to safety when Castle Acorn was destroyed. When she later returned the favor, he expressed appreciation and favored her with an admiring glance.


Using the jet on his robotic leg, Jacques can fly. His robotic arm can automatically configure into a sword blade which can cut easily through tough material, implying that he is a master swordsman like his father.

Background Information[]

  • Jacques was originally going to be named "Remy" in the early concept stages of the story arc. (1)
  • Jacques' name is a common French name.
  • In his first appearance, his name was mistakenly spelled as Jacque.
  • Jacques and his sister both occasionally use French and Southern phrases, likely having picked up various sayings from their parents.
  • While it is known that Bunnie got her robotic limbs from roboticization, it is currently unknown why or how Jacques got his robotic limbs.
  • Even though the Light Mobius timeline can no longer be used due to the Ken Penders legal issues (and was erased story-wise by the Super Genesis Wave), it is possible that Jacques and his sister may still exist in a possible future due to being designed by Ian Flynn and their parents' relationship being unaffected by the Super Genesis Wave.
  • Jacques was not born with his cybernetics.[1]


Jacques is a yellow cybernetic coyote with green eyes. Designed by writer Ian Flynn and artist Tracy Yardley, Jacques, while taking after his father's species, takes most of his color scheme from his mother; this was done in response to the common fan complaints that children were often designed as carbon copies of one parent (mothers for daughters, fathers for sons) with no traits from the other. As such, Jacques shares his fur and eye color with his mother. Despite these efforts, however, in his first appearance Jacques was mistakenly given Antoine's exact color scheme; this was largely rectified later, though his face and chest often ended up more peach than their intended white.

Jacques's left arm and right leg are robotic; the arm can be reconfigured as a blade. He wears rolled-up blue pants, a belt, and a light-colored shirt with an open collar. On his non-robotic foot he wears a boot.