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The subject of this article appeared before the Super Genesis Wave.

Jack Rabbit
Biographical information


Physical description
  • Navy blue shirt
  • Rusty shoulder pads
  • Utility Belt, Dagger
  • Eyepatch
  • Blue boots
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Basic combat skills

Jack Rabbit was a Freedom Fighter with questionable methods who has clashed several times with the Knothole Freedom Fighters. His team, the Sand-Blasters, operates out of Sand Blast City in the Great Desert. Of any Freedom Fighter leader, Jack is the most ruthless and merciless in his efforts against the Eggman Empire.


Meeting with Sonic and Tails[]

When Sonic and Tails crash-landed their plane in the desert during their global search for Ixis Naugus, they were found and rescued by Jack and his crew. Jack was pleased to meet Sonic, whom he credited as the inspiration for his own team's successes. Sonic also helped stop an attacking hoard of Robians, further earning Jack's approval; he explained that the mindless robots had been attacking their city for a while. When they arrived at Sand Blast City, they found a welcoming crowd of Mobians who praised Sonic for having defeated Dr. Ivo Robotnik. The city itself was surrounded by an energy dome designed to keep out the aggressive Robians, and Sonic was soon shown its most important feature: a massive statue of the hedgehog himself. Sonic seemingly enjoyed the worship he received in the city, which Jack intended to maintain; he planned to keep the hedgehog in the city forever to protect it from the Robians. When Tails caught Jack and his crew covering up their plane with a tarp, the rabbit falsely explained that the plane needed maintenance and that they'd give it a break for a few weeks. However, Tails let Sonic in on his suspicions that something wasn't right, and Sonic agreed with him, planning to escape.

Jack, of course, did not approve; when Sonic and Tails made their move, he ordered the Sand Blasters to capture them (but not hurt them). Sonic eventually realized that his statue was important for more reasons than one, and, to Jack's horror, smashed it - thus destroying the shield's control systems and causing it to fall. Jack swore vengeance, but then was forced to contend with the Robian forces that were now entering the city, leaving Sonic and Tails free to make their escape. (StH: #62, #63)

Encounter with Bunnie Rabbot[]

Later, Bunnie Rabbot was attacked and imprisoned by Jack Rabbit after receiving a fake transmission asking for help. The message was intended for Sonic, but Jack decided that Bunnie would easily serve as bait for Sonic, allowing him to have his revenge once Sonic arrived to rescue her. He locked her up in an impenetrable cell and then released the captured Robians into the room. Against all odds, Bunnie managed to fight off the Robians and break herself free of the cell, leaving the Robians to attack Jack and his Sand Blasters once again while she escaped. (StH: #119)

Fighting the Dark Egg Legion[]


A disgusted Jack claims this former Robian willingly underwent Legionization.

By 3237, the Robians attacking Sand Blast City had been returned to normal; however, they eventually went to Dr. Eggman, undergoing Legionization and becoming a new chapter of the Dark Egg Legion. The Legion began to run and protect the nearby Oil Ocean Refinery, which put them into conflict with the Sand Blasters, who desired it for themselves. Wanting an edge, Jack sent out a call for aid; to his displeasure, the ones who responded where none other than Sonic and Bunnie. However, when Sonic arrived in Sand Blast City, he accused the Sand Blasters of attacking Bunnie. Jack denied having done such a thing, but eventually it was realized that one of the city's anti-Legion measures must have disrupted her cybernetics. Jack then realized that Bunnie was likely captured by the Legion. Seeing an opportunity, Jack offered Sonic a deal; if Sonic would help the Sand Blasters capture the Oil Ocean Refinery, they'd help rescue Bunnie. Not entirely happy with the situation, Sonic nonetheless agreed, and Jack laughingly told his gang that Sonic was willing to let bygones be bygones. He then lead Sonic further into the city, explaining the situation. Jack claimed that after the Robians had been restored, he had welcomed them into the city, only for them to run back to Eggman to be Legionized. He approached a DEL prisoner with disgust, pulling back her hood to reveal a cringing girl with cybernetic features. Sonic found it hard to believe that the former Robians willingly went back to Eggman, but Jack insisted this to be the case. The next day, the Sand Blasters set out for the refinery, Jack riding in a vehicle with Sonic and Avery. Peering through binoculars, Jack noticed that Bunnie was riding in a Legion saucer and idly commented that she seemed to have gone traitor. Much to Jack's annoyance, Sonic quickly left the convoy, deciding to rescue Bunnie first. (StH: #217)

When it seemed as though Sonic and Bunnie had begun to fight each other within the refinery, Jack was happy to sit back and watch, not fond of either of them. However, it wasn't too long before he saw how much damage was being done; enraged, he realized that Sonic and Bunnie were using the fight as a pretense to destroy as much of the refinery as possible. Jack angrily ordered his Freedom Fighters to move in, and soon the Sand Blasters were fighting the Legion within the refinery. Jack and Avery, armed with a rocket launcher, soon found Sonic and Bunnie; Jack told Avery that if he had a clear shot, he should take it. Avery worried about the refinery being further damaged, but after considering a moment, Jack grinned and decided it would be worth it. However, when Avery attempted to fire, he was struck by the Legion's Grandmaster, Beauregard "The Baron" Rabbot; the rocket ended up being fired into the sky. Jack called the Grandmaster, the leader of the former Robians, an ungrateful backstabber; Beauregard replied "Don't you dare lecture me, Jack." Gripping Jack's arm with his robotic hand, Beauregard forced him to drop his weapon. Bunnie soon ran over, and Jack was surprised to hear her address Beauregard as "uncle." As the two talked, Jack attempted to recover his gun, but Bunnie snatched it away before he could and later crushed it in her robotic hand. To everyone's surprise, a massive explosion suddenly occurred, blowing them all back; Avery's wayward rocket had landed in the refinery's oil pits and exploded. With the battle going badly and the refinery no longer usable, Jack and his group fled. (StH: #218)

Jack and his men received an unexpected ally in their efforts some time later in the form of Mighty the Armadillo and Ray the Flying Squirrel of the Chaotix, who introduced themselves to the Sand-Blasters as "Flex" and "Jitters", respectively. The super-strong Armadillo quickly proved his usefulness, picking up and throwing a tank that menaced Jack, Avery, and others as they were making a raid on the Oil Ocean Refinery. Jack proved less hospitable when Mighty's friends Vector, Espio, and Charmy arrived looking for him, firing off a warning shot at Vector's feet and demanding to know why they were there. After a brief scuffle that ended with Jack holding Vector at gunpoint and the Crocodile's teammates captured, Jack and his team marched the trio into the city. After informing them that they could choose to join the Sand-Blasters and serve loyally or be terminated, he called upon their two disguised friends. Mighty made a show of bossing his teammates around, informing Jack that he would soon teach them to be loyal to him amusing the Rabbit greatly.

Jack's amusement ended the next day, when he learned that Mighty had been captured by the Legion, who were calling for a prisoner exchange as they had done on a number of previous occasions. Barging in on Mighty's teammates, he grabbed Ray and demanded to know what had happened, and was informed by Espio that the Armadillo had supposedly gone after Beauregard by himself. Jack scoffed at the notion that the new trio would be as valuable to him as Mighty, and was further displeased by Mighty's alleged renegade actions. Regardless, he decided to deploy the group as they met with Beauregard, revealing that he had several Legion prisoners available for trade. Inspired by Mighty's supposed solo mission, however, he determined that he had no intention of releasing any of his prisoners-instead, he would use it as an opportunity to rid himself of the Grandmaster once and for all. (SU: #47, #48)

Accompanied by his squad, some other denizens of Sand Blast City, and the Chaotix, Jack met Beauregard and the Legion at the exchange point. Going against previous proceedings, Jack demanded that the Baron release Mighty first, but the Baron refused based on Mighty's abilities. After learning that Beauregard had no demands other than the return of his own people, Jack expressed surprise, and the Baron responded that forcing Jack to plead for the return of his best operative was satisfying enough. As the two lines of prisoners crossed the space between the two parties, Jack sprang his trap: some of the released Legionnaires were in fact disguised Sand-Blasters. In the course of the battle, the Chaotix revealed their true identities, and a furious Jack ordered his forces to eliminate them, Mighty included. When Jolt failed to do the job, Jack ordered Murphy, one of his tank operators, to take out Mighty and the Baron, despite the presence of children on the Legion carrier. The attack succeeded only in harming Mighty's sister and Legionnaire Matilda the Armadillo-the whole reason Mighty had joined Jack's team in the first place-and Mighty attacked Jack and his team in a rage, demolishing their tanks and jeeps. Jack just barely avoids getting smashed by a thrown jeep and, realizing Mighty is specficlly gunning for him, orders his team to run for their lives. (SU: #49)


Jack is an overall eager, charismatic individual with a harsh, vindictive side. While he opposes the Eggman Empire, he is not above cruel, traitorous methods, especially involving those he perceives to have wronged him. He seems easily given to grudges and prejudices, particularly against those who disagree with him. While he is greatly concerned with the welfare of the people of Sand-Blast City, he seems to have no mercy to spare for any who are not under his rule. This goes to the point that he is willing to see children harmed to see his goals accomplished. However, Jack is also a coward, quickly fleeing in the face of a superior force with no hint of bravery.


Jack is a gray and white rabbit with one blue eye, the left being covered with a patch. His right ear is damaged, missing a rough chunk from its side. He wears a dark blue shirt, rusty gold shoulder pads, white wraps on his limbs and a belt with pouches. In initial appearances he had clawed toes and wraps around his feet; later on he was given heavy blue boots with buckles.


Jack possesses some knowledge of hand-to-hand combat, and is one of a handful of Mobians known to use a gun.

Background information[]

  • A story idea by writer Karl Bollers for post-issue 134 would have featured Jack Rabbit as one of Dr. Eggman's sub-bosses. The plot idea appears to have been scrapped, however, in favor of Jack serving as the opposition to Beauregard Rabbot's Dark Egg Legion.
  • Fitting with the Looney Tunes theme of the Sand Blasters, Jack Rabbit bears a striking resemblance to Bugs Bunny.
  • His design is also reminiscent of Johnny Lightfoot from the Fleetway Sonic the Comic comics; however, their personalities are vastly different.
  • His name is named after the Long Eared American Jack Rabbit.