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Ixis Vale
First Appearance

Sonic Universe #43

Biographical information

Unknown (deceased)

Physical description


  • Wizard robes
Political Alignment and Abilities

Ixis Vale was a Mobian wind mage and member of the Order of Ixis during the Forgotten War.


As one of Ixis Mogul's Four Elite wizards, Vale oversaw the progress on many war fronts across Mobius and brought news to Lord Mogul when she learned the Albion Knights of Aurora had abandoned their valor to gain results in fighting the Order. After her demise, Vale's remains were entombed underground in what would become known as the Windy Valley of Soumerca. Vale was evidently something of a legend among Ixians, as fellow wizard Ixis Naugus later swore on her bones after being attacked by Sonic the Hedgehog. (SU: #43, StH: #53)

Ages later in 3237, Vale's bones were stolen from her tomb by Geoffrey St. John to be used by Naugus to activate the Eldritch Rites, a spell through which he could control the minds of New Mobotropolis' governing council. Though Naugus was almost successful, Agent Jack of the Secret Freedom Fighters destroyed Vale's remains in the midst of battle, disrupting the spell. (SU: #41, #43, #44)


The statue of Ixis Vale in her tomb.

The full extent of Vale's powers is unknown, but as a member of Ixis Mogul's four elite, her magical skill must have been exceptional. She was a master of Ixian Wind Magic.

Background Information

  • When she was first named in StH #53, her name was spelled "Vail."
  • It is unknown what species of bird Ixis Vale was; Ian Flynn has stated that she may have been intended as a crow. [1]
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