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Ivo Robughnik

Ivo Robughnik is the caveman counterpart/ancestor to Dr. Ivo Robotnik on Prehistoric Mobius, differentiated in appearance by a thick orange beard and orange-spotted brown toga. Arch-foe of the Prehistoric Freedom Fighters, he terrorized them with primitive - though for him, state-of-the-art - technology such as catapults. Having not advanced to the point of developing artificial intelligence, he satisfied his need for command by giving orders to himself. However, for all his superior technology, Robughnik failed to eliminate his enemies, as Sonugh the Boghog and Sonic the Hedgehog were able to avoid his attacks by going underground. Sonic's subsequent efforts in helping the Freedom Fighters make the surface of Mobius safer for themselves doubtless made Robughnik's campaign against them even more difficult. (StH: #12)

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