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First Appearance

Sonic the Hedgehog #146

Final Appearance
Biographical information

21st century

Physical description
  • Colour: gold/silver
  • Eyes: gold/silver
  • Power supply: Power matrix adapted of Xorda technology.
  • Laser cannon on arm
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Laser cannon on arm

Isaac was an ancient Alpha 100 Series mechanoid created over ten thousand years ago when Mobius was still known as Earth. Following the Xorda's destructive attack on the planet, Isaac was ordered by his master Dr. Ivan Kintobor to protect him in stasis as well as monitor the planet. For the next ten millennia, Isaac watched and recorded the history of the planet as life evolved and flourished. He went undetected for thousands of years until 3237 when Shadow the Hedgehog discovered him. Following a battle between Sonic, Shadow, Isaac and Metal Sonic, Isaac remained in the ancient building until Dr. Finitevus located him and attempted to download the last of his data. By that point in time however, most of the information had become corrupt.


Creation and Early Missions

Isaac Views

Isaac looking out over a ruined Earth

During the 21st century of Earth's time, a group of scientists under Dr. Ivan Kintobor created Isaac, with his hardware created by Professor Clarke while his software was produced by Dr. Niven. Around this time, the Xorda sent an emissary to Earth to forge an alliance. Instead, Ivan Kintobor and his team of scientists captured the emissary and dissected it. Isaac's power matrix was created with adapted Xorda technology, which had been appropriated from the emissary. In retaliation, the Xorda bombarded the planet with Gene Bombs, though Kintobor programmed Isaac to ensure his survival in the "post apocalyptic environment". (StH: #148)

For several decades after the attack, Isaac was programed to monitor and collect information on the effects the bombs had on the planet, as well as monitoring Dr. Kintobor's life cell chamber. Isaac witnessed as the Gene Bombs effected the planet and resulted in catastrophic environmental damages, as volcanic reactions hurled billions of tons of ash and dirt into the air, blocking out the sun for over 1,000 years. He later learned the developing echidnas classified this as the first "Day of Fury". After the sun finally burned through the last of the debris in the air, Dr. Ivan Kintobor emerged from his cryo-chamber and ordered Isaac to collect historical events as well. During this time, Isaac witnessed the arrival of the Chaos Emeralds to Mobius, though mistakenly believed them to have been a result of the Gene Bombs' radiation interacting with beryl deposits beneath the planet's surface. Isaac later recorded the first conquest of Mammoth Mogul, the rise of the Echidna civilization, and the coronation of Alexander Acorn. (StH: #148)

Interactions with Mobius


Dr. Finitevus hacking into Isaac's now-corrupt memory banks

Isaac was rediscovered in 3237 after Shadow stumbled upon the base he was located in. Believing Isaac could provide him with answers about his own origins, Shadow released Isaac from his air-tight chamber and together they soon learned of Isaac's origins from the facility's computers. Not long afterwards, Sonic and the Freedom Fighters arrived at the facility to discover the cause of a massive earth quake originating from there. Eventually, Metal Sonic also arrived on the scene. The four became engaged in a four-way brawl, while the rest of the Freedom Fighters continued to explore the compound. After Sonic discovered the nuclear missile residing in the base, Isaac had the facility's defence systems destroy the Freedom One so that they had no means to escape. However, Sonic managed to disarm the nuclear missile before fleeing the base. After Sonic and the Freedom Fighters were rescued by Jules and Sir Charles Hedgehog, Isaac checked the status of the facility before asking Dr. Ivan Kintobor for his next orders. (StH: #146, #147, #148, #149)

Some time later the Dark Legion rogue Dr. Finitevus had stumbled across the abandoned building and Isaac. Having downloaded what was left of the eroded data, Finitevus found a cache of ancient nuclear missiles. The missiles were sabotaged by Rouge the Bat, however, before she fled. She made no further mention of Isaac, whom Finitevus likely had no further use for once he had retrieved what data he could from the robot. (StH: #165)

Ian Flynn has listed Isaac on his list of deceased characters, indicating that Isaac will not be returning. [1]

Background Information

  • Isaac's design is simply a golden recolor of E-102 Gamma, and could possibly be the inspiration for Eggman's E-100 Series. In a couple of scenes, we even see a number 102 on its side. One major difference between the two is that Issac, as an Alpha 100 mechanoid, does not possess a grav-linked jet disk on the back of his chassis, suggesting that he probably cannot fly. Isaac looked slightly different in his last appearance with a whitish blue colour scheme instead of gold.
  • The 102 on his side could mean that Isaac, like Gamma, is the second of the Alpha 100 Series line.
  • Due to StH #165 stating Isaac's data to be corrupt, as well as evidence shown during his first appearance in The Good, the Bad, the Unknown story arc, it is considered that Isaac was already insane by that time. Although most of what he explained regarding dates and various past incidences is considered true, his explanation for the origin of the Chaos Emeralds is considered false.
  • Isaac is named after science fiction author Isaac Asimov, just as his creators (Clarke and Niven) are named after science fiction authors Arthur C. Clarke and Larry Niven.
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