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A walrus swims by the city.

Iceborough is the capital city of the Walrus Herd, and the most prominent area of civilization in the Northern Tundra. As a result, it has been targeted numerous times by the Eggman Empire. It is located underwater, allowing easy access for great swimmers such as the Walruses. The city's buildings hang from a portion of ice above, making them almost look like stalactites.


The city of Iceborough was created by the Walrus Herd some time in the past, partly as a place for the Walruses to inhabit during the six months of night experienced in the Northern Tundra. However, it also became a target for the herd's local rivals, the Orca Pod that eventually became the Northern Tundra Dark Egg Legion. Dr. Robotnik and Dr. Eggman also threatened Iceborough and its inhabitants on a number of occasions.(StH: #215, #216, CSE)