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You may be looking for Commander Abraham Tower or Commander Yanmark of the Mega Man X series.

Hugo Brass
First Appearance

Sonic the Hedgehog #98

Final Appearance

Sonic Universe #40

Biographical information
  • Human/Cyborg
Physical description
  • Male
  • Hair: black
  • Skin: Caucasian
  • Black beard
  • GUN symbol on back of head
  • Eggman Empire symbol on left shoulder
  • G.U.N. uniform (formerly)
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Military expertise

Hugo Brass was the head of the Guardian Units of the Nation (G.U.N.), later becoming G.U.N.'s military strategist in 3236. Having direct communications with the President of the United Federation (UF), Commander Brass organized some of G.U.N.'s most well known operations including the capture of Sonic the Hedgehog by Paladin Team Sigma-Alpha 2, the hunt for the dragon Zan, and accompanying Sigma-Alpha 2 to confront the Xorda's Quantum Dial. By 3237, Brass was captured by Dr. Eggman and brainwashed into becoming a Grandmaster of the Dark Egg Legion opposing the UF, but the Legionization had stripped him of his personality, leading Eggman to replace Hugo with Regina Ferrum as a more entertaining subordinate.


Head of G.U.N.

Following the theft of Station's Square's Chaos Emerald, Sonic was mistaken for the real culprit, Shadow the Hedgehog, due to their similarities in appearance. As ths Commander-in-Chief of G.U.N., Brass selected one of their finest units, Paladin Team Sigma-Alpha 2, to retrieve Sonic and bring him to Station Square for justice. After having them officially briefed and armed, Brass personally oversaw them being dispatched. (StH: #98)

Military Strategist


Brass leading Sigma-Alpha 2 during the Xorda's attack.

In the next encounter with the Mobians, Hugo had been succeeded as Commander-in-Chief of G.U.N. by Abraham Tower, becoming a military strategist while still retaining rank of commander. At a briefing between the Knothole Freedom Fighters and the President, Commander Brass updated the Freedom Fighters on their dragon situation. Suggesting the attacking dragon be "terminated with extreme prejudice", he also assigned Paladin Team Sigma-Alpha 2 to accompany the Freedom Fighters on their mission to Pyro Island. Later on, during the Xorda's attack on the planet, Commander Brass personally joined G.U.N. soldiers on the battlefield against the Quantum Dial assessing the situation together with Tails before the attack. (StH: #107, #125)


Brass talks with the President.

Almost a year afterwards, Dr. Eggman threatened to launch nuclear missiles at the Kingdom of Knothole & Station Square, and Commander Brass personally discussed the situation with the President. Brass pressed that due to the Xorda's attack exposing the city to the outside world, the city's vulnerability made it necessary that they launch a pre-emptive strike against the Eggman Empire, instead of relying on Sonic or the Freedom Fighters to stop the launch. The President however declined, stating they would only counter attack once Eggman's missiles were airborne and told Brass he attached his special operative, Rouge the Bat, to command Paladin Team in aiding the defense of Fort Acorn. (StH: #131)

Forced Turncoat

Some time later, Brass attempted to rescue his Paladin Team from the Eggman Empire, but was captured as a result and legionized to lead a Dark Egg Legion chapter in Eurish as its Grandmaster. After receiving a faked transmission from Snively claiming Dr. Eggman had been killed, he was forcefully summoned to a meeting on the Death Egg Mark 2 with the other Grandmasters, and ordered by the dictator to seek out a missing Blue Chaos Emerald while also expanding his chapter's territory. Brass was then dismissed and sent back to his post where he then accompanied Dr. Eggman in attacking Central City to flush out Snively. While onboard their Egg Camel, Brass' limited response to Eggman's goading forced the doctor to admit his brainwashing had made Hugo boring, and his lack of emotion caused Eggman to give up in trying to get a reaction. A few days after they withdrew from their attack, Hugo's command of his chapter was cut short when Eggman demoted him in favor of turning leadership over to Regina Ferrum. (SU: #37, #38, #40)


Hugo Brass

Hugo Brass drawn by Ron Lim in StH: #131

Brass has gone through significant design changes every time he's made an appearance, but usually retains black hair, a matching beard and a military uniform with rolled up sleeves.

In StH: #98, the design given to him by Patrick Spaziante is that of a well-built black man with a spiky beard and dark blue hair shaven into a G for G.U.N. and brown eyes. His attire consisted of a green military uniform and a matching watch with white (possibly ceramic) shoulder pads and a device on his back with the G.U.N. symbol resembling a SEGA Dreamcast.

In StH: #107, Brass is drawn by Ron Lim and retains his coloring, though his shoulder pads are now red and smaller and he has more hair, which is smoothed back. His hairline is then receded dramatically only a few panels later.

Little is seen of Brass in StH: #125 (art by Steven Butler), but you clearly tell he is now white and bald except for some black hair on the back of his head and his outfit remains the same.

In StH: #131, roughly a year later chronologically, Brass is done again by Ron Lim and returns to his facial design from #107, but is still Caucasian. His outfit is also the same, but is now entirely green.



Hugo Brass discusses the problem about Zan.

Brass is a stereotypical, stoic military leader. He's loud, authoritative and ready to accept command at any opportunity, though he seems distrusting of outsiders and dislikes it when operations are not put under his own jurisdiction. His status as military strategist would also suggest he has some unseen tactical intelligence. However, post-brainwashing, he's barely emotive.

Background information

  • Brass's last name likely comes from the term used for police officers or figures of authority.
  • In his first appearance, Brass appeared to have a G.U.N. logo on the back of his head, as if it were shaved that way.
  • In his first two appearances Brass was depicted with white skin. However, in his more recent appearances, Brass was shown with brown skin.
  • Brass' physical appearance in later issues bears some semblance to Jet Black from Cowboy Bebop.
  • In the canceled "Fall of Empire" story planned by former writer Karl Bollers, Brass would have led a coup against Station Square congress and the President during King Max and Queen Alica's world tour, succeeding in becoming the new president. (1)
  • In StH: #98, Brass could be seen with a SEGA Dreamcast on his back.
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