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The House of Acorn is the Royal Family and a line of monarchs that have ruled much of the planet of Mobius, as they controlled and ruled over the territories of the Kingdom of Acorn. It's rulers have typically been benevolent, kind, and just, yet forceful in leading the fight against threats to the realm and it's citizens. The Acorn Monarchy has endured for hundreds of years, and, while it has lost some of its power since the establishment of the Acorn Council and the reformation of the kingdom into the Republic of Acorn, remains an active force.



The House of Acorn's first notable member was Alexander Acorn, titled "the Unifier." Alexander conceived the idea of a kingdom of united Mobian races, which was realized in the founding of Mobotropolis. Though he failed to persuade the Echidnas or the Overlanders to join the alliance, Alexander's success resulted in his being crowned ruler of the Kingdom of Acorn. His family subsequently became the monarchy of the kingdom, though early in its tenure it suffered tragedy. Alexander's son Theodore Acorn received the title of "the Bereaved" after his eldest son Emerson Acorn perished as a result of an unfortunate encounter with an Overlander youth using a gun. Theodore subsequently closed borders between the kingdom and the Overland, and was succeeded by his son Raphael Acorn, who was born late in his life. (CSE)


Raphael's son Julius Acorn, who became known as "the Enlightened", took the throne and led a considerable expansion. In the midst of this, he discovered the Source of All, and set the precedent of his family bonding with it down through the ages. He also created a system of worship around the Source, though this eventually ceased to be practiced by any but the royal family itself. Julius' son, Romulus Acorn "the Builder", relocated Mobotropolis to the site of the Source of All, obscuring its history in order to add to the mystical authority of his family. His son, George Acorn "the Foolish", became arrogant as a result of his wealth and the kingdom's prosperity. He declared war on the Overland, a conflict that later became known as "King George's Folly", which became the worst war between the kingdom and the Overland until the Great War, generations later. With his knights wiped out by the war, George was left effectively powerless until the end of his reign, his own court removing his authority based on his foolishness. (CSE)

Global Power

Learning from his father's mistakes, King Abraham Acorn, titled "the Generous", created the Southern Baronies as a gesture to his distrustful subjects. His further efforts to rebuild the kingdom and the monarchy's reputation earned him a great deal of respect among his people. His son, Reginald Acorn, ushered in a renaissance of the arts, and was titled "the Romantic." Reginald earned this title after visiting a potential colony site in Downunda and taking his wife there. Reginald was followed by the controversial Silvanus Acorn, dubbed "the Resolute" by his subjects. His contributions to the kingdom are a matter of differing opinion: while some see him as the king who checked the power of the Southern Baronies, others feel that his efforts were acts of war against his own people. None can argue, however, that he united the kingdom in such a way as to prepare it for aggression from the Overlanders. (CSE)

Silvanus' successor, Sebastian Acorn "the Worldly", is remembered as the "Adventurer King." He negotiated peace with the Overland, but is suspected to have done so to enable him to freely explore Mobius. Whatever his reasons, he proved a great influence in the world, bringing stability to Downunda-which remained a part of the kingdom from then on-and settling a power struggle in Mercia, which brought the ancestors of Rob o' the Hedge to the throne. Sebastian's son Frederick Acorn, known as "the Gracious", made an effort to open the kingdom, not only in reaching out to the Overland and other areas but also in welcoming in outsiders. This led to Ixis Naugus and Nate Morgan both becoming citizens of the kingdom, which irrevocably changed the kingdom. (CSE)

Maximillian's Wars

However, not all was well in Mobotropolis. After Frederick's passing, his son, Maximillian Acorn, took the throne and a dark cloud soon enveloped the kingdom. Naugus grew threatened as Nate Morgan began employing technology in the kingdom. With the aid of General Kodos, Naugus framed Nate for an attack that lead both Overlander and Mobian groups dead. Though Max was reluctant to believe such a thing, Morgan took the decision out of his hands and put himself in an self-imposed exile. (StH: #65)

Kodos, however, wasn't satisfied, and banished Naugus into the Zone of Silence before making his move, allowing a Mobian and Overlander group that was actually seeking a peaceful movement to be slaughtered by his hand and framing the other side for it. With no other recourse, Mobotropolis and the Overland began the Great War. The Mobians survived the war thanks to the timely arrival of turncoat Overlander Julian Kintobor, who would set up a final duel between King Max and Overlord Charlemagne. Maximillian would win, but this would allow Julian to make his move, becoming Dr. Ivo Robotnik and initiating his takeover of Mobotropolis, casting Maximillian into the Zone of Silence while his youngest child, Sally Acorn, would lead the charge against Robotnik, rescuing him years later.

From Kingdom to Republic

Soon after Maximillion's restoration, he made a number of controversial decisions, including dismantling the more experienced Knothole Freedom Fighters in favor of his less-experienced Royal Secret Service and a disastrous attempt to take back Mobotropolis from Dr. Eggman when he had retook the city. Crippled from the disastrous attack, his eldest son Elias Acorn took over, with Geoffrey St. John as advisor. However, St. John took the opportunity to make petty strikes at one of the Kingdom's more valued fighters, Sonic the Hedgehog, stripping him of knighthood and forcing him to live a normal life. These, along with a number of other incidents caused strife in Elias, causing him to run away and force Maximillian to resume his duties.

A year later, however, Elias would return at Sonic's urging - Max had been rendered ill and a mentally-distraught Sally was being forced to marry Patch, who was disguised as Antoine D'Coolette. Elias would return with his wife Megan Acorn and his step-daughter Alexis Acorn, whom Alicia Acorn warned would not be eligible to ascend the throne - something Elias was more than happy not to have her go through.

However, after Eggman's thorough Destruction of Knothole, many people began to question the power of the throne, chief of which was Amadeus Prower, who sought to create a democracy. This strife would pit friend against friend as Sonic battled Amadeus' son, Tails, and Amadeus himself would battle Elias. However, at Sally's urging, a compromise was created - a Republic. The Council of Acorn was formed to help delegate problems. However, this was flawed as many on the Council were either sore at the royals still in charge or sore with the Freedom Fighters.


The House of Acorn later lost prominence when Ixis Naugus successfully turned public opinion against Elias, allowing him to seize the crown and leadership of New Mobotropolis. (StH: #232)

Possible Future

In the future world of 3437 P.X.E., Mobius became-at least in one version of this future-a devastated wasteland. The House of Acorn's fate in this future is unknown, though it would be revealed that Mecha Sally-Sally's Robian form-would be a key part in the eventual ruin of this reality, which Silver the Hedgehog traveled back in time to prevent. Furthermore, a group of Freedom Fighters is also known to have been formed at one point between this future and the present, including one member who bore a strong resemblance to Sally. (StH: #215, #247)


Alexander the Unifier

See Alexander Acorn.

The first king of the Acorn line and founder of Mobotropolis.

Theodore the Bereaved

See Theodore Acorn.

Alexander's son and father of Emerson and Raphael, and second king.

Prince Emerson

See Emerson Acorn.

Theodore's oldest son who was accidentally killed before ever assuming the throne.

Raphael the Young

Raphael Acorn was the third king, son of King Theodore Acorn and younger brother to the late Emerson Acorn, Raphael was born late in his father's life following the death of his older brother in a gun accident. Due to his father's advanced age, Raphael was left a king without a guide early in his life, and dedicated much time to preparing his son, Julius Acorn, for the role that he had been thrust into with virtually no preparation. (CSE)

Julius the Enlightened

Julius Acorn was the fourth king of the line. Following the course of his grandfather Theodore, he added considerably to the kingdom's territory, discovering the Source of All in the process. Julius was greatly affected by the discovery, instituting not only the bonding of his line with the Source that continued until its destruction, but also introducing worship of the Source of All into his people's culture. However, public worship after this system declined, undoubtedly following Julius' death and his son Romulus Acorn's rise to the throne. (CSE)

Romulus the Builder

Romulus was the son of King Julius and the fifth king. Determined to establish the authority and power of the House of Acorn, Romulus relocated Mobotropolis to the site of the Source of All, and saw to it that details of its discovery were "glossed over" so as to add to the reputation of his line. Unfortunately, his efforts may well have contributed to the delusions of infallibility exhibited by his son George Acorn. (CSE)

George the Foolish

The sixth king, son of King Romulus and one of the few kings of Acorn to be recalled with universal contempt. Exulting in the House of Acorn's success in building up the Kingdom of Acorn, George came to believe that he was a flawless individual. Under this delusion he declared war on the Overland, and the brief but terrible conflict was later named King George's Folly. With his knights dead as a result of the war, George's court sanctioned him, and he was left powerless to act in any capacity until his death. He was succeeded by his son Abraham Acorn, and the war he started would remain unsurpassed in terms of its violence until the Great War that occurred in the reign of his distant grandson, Maximillian Acorn. (CSE)

Abraham the Generous

The successor of the disgraced King George, and the seventh king to ascend to the throne. Inheriting a people who had lost trust in the House of Acorn as a result of King George's Folly, Abraham spent much of his reign seeking to repair the relationship between monarchy and people. In addition to making the higher workings of the kingdom more open to the people as a whole, he also created the Southern Baronies. He also spent a great deal of time helping the kingdom recover from the war, before being succeeded by his son Reginald Acorn. (CSE)

Reginald the Romantic

The eighth king, who received his title after traveling to a potential Kingdom of Acorn colony in Downunda, where he met the woman who he ended up taking as his wife. Devoted to scholarship and the arts, he ushered in a renaissance in the kingdom's history, and considered himself to be a poet-though his poetry was said to be rather terrible. Reginald's throne was later filled by his son, Silvanus Acorn. (CSE)

Silvanus the Resolute

The son of Reginald and the ninth king, he took drastic steps to rein in the powerful and rebellious Southern Baronies. While some applauded Silvanus' deeds as necessary acts of asserting the authority of the House of Acorn, others felt that he had made war on his own people and feel he was tyrannical in his actions. Regardless of differing opinions as to his motives, his actions brought unity to the kingdom that would prove a blessing in future conflicts with the Overland. (CSE)

Sebastian the Worldly

The tenth ruler of the House of Acorn, also known as the "Adventurer King." He successfully made peace between the Overland and the Kingdom of Acorn, but is thought to have done so in order to follow his dreams of world exploration. Whatever his intent, he proved a peacemaker across Mobius, helping bring peace to Downunda, which would ever after bow to the authority of the House of Acorn. He also traveled to Mercia, where he helped end a power struggle and establish the ancestors of Rob o' the Hedge as the royal family of that nation. (CSE)

Frederick the Gracious

See Frederick Acorn.

The eleventh king, son of Sebastian and father of Maximillian.

Maximillian the Cursed

See Maximillian Acorn.

The twelfth king whose reign saw both the period of the Great War and the rise of both Dr. Ivo Robotnik and Dr. Eggman.

Lady Alicia

See Alicia Acorn.

Maximillian's wife and the former Queen of the House of Acorn.

King Elias

See Elias Acorn.

The thirteenth king who ascended to the throne due to his father's illness and later ceded the throne to Ixis Naugus while secretly planning to reclaim it with the aid of the Secret Freedom Fighters.

Princess Sally

See Sally Acorn.

Maximillian's daughter and Elias' younger sister, previously heir to the throne of the Kingdom and instrumental in its reorganization into the Republic.

Queen Megan

See Megan Acorn.

Elias' wife and the most recent queen prior to Naugus taking the throne.

Princess Alexis

See Alexis Acorn.

Elias' stepdaughter and the biological daughter of Queen Megan; due to her paternity she is ineligible as an heir to the House of Acorn.

Background Information

  • With the exception of Sally and her father Maximillian, all the members of the House of Acorn-excluding Sonic and Shadow, who are shown to have married into the House in possible future timelines-are exclusive to the Archie Comics. Sally and her father are the only members known to have survived into the Post-Super Genesis Wave Timeline from the Pre-Super Genesis Wave Timeline.
  • Several alternate futures-the one destroyed by Dr. Eggman and the two versions of Light Mobius-showed the House of Acorn continuing for at least one more generation, as Sally marries Sonic and the pair have two children, Sonia Acorn and Manik Acorn.
  • The House of Acorn is similar in a number of respects to the Brotherhood of Guardians: both are hereditary lines with responsibility over a certain realm or people. Additionally, both have featured a set of siblings-Emerson and Raphael Acorn and the Echidnas Aaron and Jordan-where the older sibling died and the younger sibling ended up taking on their role. Furthermore, both lines have produced-barring various alternate future timelines-but a single female member in their histories: Sally in the House of Acorn, and Janelle-Li in the Guardians.
  • Julius Acorn shares his name with Julius Caesar, the Roman statesman, a connection made more evident by the fact that his son is named Romulus, after one of the mythical founders of Rome. George Acorn may be named for one of the King Georges of England.
  • Silvanus Acorn's role in the subjugation of the Southern Baronies and his controversial reputation as a result resembles that of Abraham Lincoln in the American Civil War.
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