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House of Acorn
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The House of Acorn is the royal family that rules over the Kingdom of Acorn in the Acorn Archipelago, from the city of Mobotropolis on Westside Island.


Overthrow and Restoration

At some point, the Acorn dynasty included one Queen Nicole, whose name was later suggested by King Acorn as a name for the A.I. created by Dr. Ellidy. King Acorn ruled over the city of Mobotropolis for some years, and proved a benevolent ruler and loving father to his daughter Sally Acorn. Unfortunately, he made the mistake of trusting Dr. Eggman, Walter Naugus, and Julian Snively, whose lies about a United Federation invasion led to the Great War. The two Humans used the war to seize control from King Acorn, and banished both him and Naugus to the Special Zone.. The royal family was thus removed from power for roughly a decade, until the Knothole Freedom Fighters-which included Sally and Sonic the Hedgehog-managed to drive out Eggman and rescue King Acorn. Upon being restored to the throne, King Acorn allowed Sally to continue leading the fight against Robotnik's forces around the world. Subsequently, Naugus briefly imprisoned the king in his own castle and seized control of Mobotropolis, but fled the city, allowing Sonic and Tails to free their monarch. (FCBD: #8, StH: #252, SU: #71; SSD: #12)


Queen Nicole

Nicole Acorn was a queen of the House of Acorn, described by King Acorn as being one "long-past". Her name was suggested by the king as a name for the A.I. in the handheld computer given to Princess Sally by Dr. Ellidy.

King Nigel

See Nigel Acorn.

The current ruler of the Kingdom of Acorn.

Princess Sally

See Sally Acorn.

The heir to the throne of the House of Acorn.

Background Information

  • Queen Nicole's status as a "long-past queen" may be a nod to the fan-theory that the version of NICOLE featured in the Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon was named after Sally's unseen mother.
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