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Dr. Quack
Doctor Horatio Quentin Quack
Biographical information
  • Doctor
Physical description
  • White doctor coat
  • Doctor's mirror
  • Eyepatch
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Expert medical skills

Dr. Horatio Quentin Quack was a Mobian Duck who, following in his late father's footsteps, became a doctor. A personal friend of King Maximillian Acorn, Horatio was appointed Royal Physician, and remained close to the House of Acorn even after Dr. Ivo Robotnik's military coup and disappearances of most of the Royal Family. During his time with the Knothole Freedom Fighters (led by Sally Acorn, whom Horatio had delivered and thus considered a favorite), Horatio served on the frontlines, until Max's return, where his time was preoccupied with taking care of him and the rest of the population of the restored Kingdom of Acorn. When all-out-war was declared between the Kingdom of Knothole and the Eggman Empire (led by the late Robotnik's alternate universe double Dr. Eggman), Horatio lost an eye in an explosion caused when he accidentally stepped on a land-mine while tending to the wounded in battle. Since then, he has given up active frontline duty and now serves as Head Doctor of New Mobotropolis's Tommy Turtle Memorial Hospital.


Service to the Kingdom[]

Quack Family

Dr. Quack with his wife and children.

Dr. Horatio Quentin Quack comes from a family long involved in the medical field, and was appointed chief physician to the House of Acorn. In this capacity, he is known to have delivered Sally Acorn. He also helped Rosemary Prower deliver her child Miles "Tails" Prower. When King Max Acorn was turning into crystal, Dr. Quack devised a Dream Watcher that allowed Sonic to enter King Max's mind to reach through to him and possibly discover the source of the crystallization. The device unfortunately emitted a kind of energy that Robotnik was able to track, thus enabling him to locate Knothole. When his wife Elizabeth Quack and children Hubert, Duane, and Louise were captured, Dr. Quack became a pawn in Robotnik's grandiose scheme. He declared Princess Sally dead, though he actually placed her in a special stasis chamber disguised as a coffin so she could heal and recover from her fall. He also witnessed Snively interfering with Robotnik's plans and did nothing to stop him. When Robotnik ceased to exist due to his nephew's tampering, the doctor was free from coercion. (StH: #43, #49, #50, CSE, SSS: #9)

Royal Physician[]

Dr. Quack was labeled Royal Physician once again by Princess Sally, stating his "healing skills will help put our Kingdom back on the road to recovery" and making him a member of the a member of the new Council of governing during King Max's time in recovery. (StH: #54)


Dr. Quack treating King Max

Due to the incredible recovery made by King Max, Dr. Quack ran a number of tests to satisfy his "scientific curiosity." During this examination, Max informed Dr. Quack the history of the Acorn Dynasty and its link to the Source of All, the latter explaining his amazing recovery. (StH: #58)

After Prince Elias and Queen Alicia were brought back to Mobotropolis by the Royal Secret Service, the comatose Queen was left under Dr. Quack's care. He explained to the monarchy that due to the Brotherhood of Guardians' cryo-stasis chamber, the queen's health would neither get better or worse, but would keep her in her current condition until Dr. Quack and his health team could figure out a means to cure her ailments. (StH: #69)

When Sonic and the Freedom Fighters attempted to explain it was the escapees of the Devil's Gulag who had kidnapped Nate Morgan, this claim was challenged by Geoffrey St. John, as the evidence suggested the escapees had all died. However, Dr. Quack arrived and explained that some of the injured guards of the Devil's Gulag informed him the convicts used a second shuttle to escape. (StH: #70)

Following the loss of Mobotropolis to Robo-Robotnik, Dr. Quack was baffled that Jules and Bernadette Hedgehog has retained their free will while all the other Robians had not. When the two stated it was because of their wedding bands, Dr. Quack said it wasn't scientifically feasible, though Nate Morgan countered this, saying science could not take into account the magical aspects of the Super Emerald, the wedding bands had been forged from its power. (StH: #75, #77)

Dr. Quack was also the one who, with the help of Nate Morgan, developed Bunnie Rabbot's replacement parts that her body's immune system would not reject. Because of this, Bunnie survived, at the cost of the chance of ever being deroboticized. (SSS: #11)

Following a massive attack on Robotropolis to retrieve the captured Prince Elias, led by King Max himself, the king was injured in the attack by a Shadowbot. He was quickly brought before Dr. Quack by Sonic to receive medical treatment. Thanks to the doctor, Queen Alicia made a full recovery, while Max mostly recovered, though he lost the ability to use his legs and thus became confined to a wheel chair. (StH: #88, #89, #90)

Treating Famous Patients[]

Under the leadership of Prince Elias, Knothole was transformed into a more modern city, with a new Castle Acorn being built, as well as a prison, public schools, and a hospital where Dr. Quack was the chief physician. One of his first patients was Kodos, who had been brought unconscious to the hospital by Sonic. Kodos later awoke, went on a rampage and escaped, with Dr. Quack explaining his insanity was caused by prolonged exposure to radioactive toxins in Robotropolis, and that had he not received treatment he would have died. (StH: #91, #99)


Dr. Quack examining the original Dr. Ivo Robotnik

One of the next patients Dr. Quack examined was the original Dr. Robotnik, who had been brought back to life from Chaos Knuckles' tampering with the time-space continuum and a device created by Dr. Eggman. Dr. Quack discovered that it for certain the original Robotnik, but did not tell the villain that his molecules would disperse once again without Dr. Eggman's device. Informing the Freedom Fighters of this, the played along with a scheme concocted by Eggman and Robotnik in order to get close to the device and destroy it, thus causing Robotnik to be gone for good. (StH: #108)

Dr. Quack later treated Zonic for injuries he sustained from Evil Sonic during the latter's escape. Not long afterwards he examined Sonic, whose speed had been taken away by a Genie and given to Muttski, which Dr. Quack could only confirm. (StH: #112, #115)

Having been treating both Hershey Cat and Geoffrey St. John for the nanobots that were activated in their bodies for weeks, Dr. Quack was impressed when Rotor had managed to heal them completely by creating his own nanobots to attack Dr. Eggman's. He subsequently gave the two a clean bill of health. Not long afterwards, he treated Mina Mongoose for a bullet wound received by Nack the Weasel. (StH: #118, #123)

Field Missions and Return as General Physician[]


Dr. Quack explaining the injuries he received on a field mission

Following the Xorda's failed attack, Dr. Quack was forced to become a field agent for the Royal Army as all-out war between the Eggman Empire and the Kingdom of Acorn began after Sonic was transported off world. During one of his field missions, Dr. Quack accidentally stepped on a land mine, causing him serious injuries including a damaged leg (which forced him to use a cane) and the loss of an eye. Following this, King Max took him off field mission assignments for good. (StH: #134)

When Sonic returned from outer space, Dr. Quack did a full body examination, and discovered the D'Novulans implant which allowed Sonic to understand almost all languages. He informed Sonic that the implant had begun to bond with his nervous system, and that removing it would do more harm than good, advising him to leave it in as it showed no signs of potential danger. Before leaving, Sonic asked him how he came to be this way. After Quack told him his story, Sonic felt pity towards him. (StH: #134)

Quack was also responsible for treating King Max and General Armand D'Coolette for the poisoning caused Patch, who was masquerading as Antoine. Unfortunately, the General's food had been laced with poison for a long time and by the time it was noticed, there was nothing that could be done, although Dr. Quack was able to save the elderly king. (StH: #156, #168)

After Hope Kintobor was injured by the Metal Sonic Troopers, Dr. Quack was approached by Sonic and Shadow to give Hope the best medical treatment. Under his care, Hope made a full recovery. (StH: #159)


Dr. Quack examining Sonic.

Following the transportation of all of Knothole's citizens to New Mobotropolis, Dr. Quack patched up Rotor, who had sustained injuries to his back during the attack on Freedom HQ by Snively. He proceeded to examine the only person who had been subjected to the Egg Grape Chambers, Charmy Bee, stating they would not know the extent of his memory loss until some time had passed, but that his health was better than they could have expected. He then examined Sonic, who had sustained heavy injuries battling Eggman's Egg Beater. He explained to Sonic that he healed very quickly due to the residual energies from all the Power Rings he'd collected in the past. After Sonic's check-up, Dr. Quack left to spend time with his family in the new city. (StH: #177)

After the Iron Queen badly weakened Bunnie D'Coolette and Monkey Khan after controlling them with her Magitek, the two heroes were brought to Tommy Turtle Memorial Hospital where they became patients of Dr. Quack. In treating Bunnie, Quack had to provide her with a huge amount of electrolytes to restore the energy she lost and supervise her recovery overnight. For Monkey Khan he prescribed plenty of rest, ordering him not to leave his bed until he fully healed, something Khan ignored in order to pick flowers for Bunnie. Later when Monkey Khan went to go with Sonic to investigate what was approaching New Mobotropolis, Dr. Quack forced him back to his bed to continue resting. (StH: #205)

Later, Dr. Quack seemingly attempted to keep tabs on Max's somewhat deteriorating condition, though it seems the former king was less than cooperative, having become rather reclusive. Alicia apologized to the doctor, saying that she had thought Max had been having "one of his better days" but the doctor said it was fine, saying he would see them tomorrow. (StH: #218)


Dr. Quack is a dedicated physician and very honest with those whom he associates with. He is often quick-acting and somewhat blunt, preferring not to sugarcoat things. He also is very sensitive when the topic of his father is brought up, as he had vanished during Dr. Robotnik's coup. He is also a firm believer in modern science, and is somewhat skeptical of magic objects. (StH: #58, #77)

Background Information[]

  • As a gag, Jon Gray always drew the expression on the face of Quack's cane to match that of Quack's in the individual panel.
    • The way that Quack's cane face is always shown to have the same expression as him is similar to how Wade Duck's innertube face always has the same expression as him in the TV show U.S.Acres.

Early concept art for Quacks post-Xorda design by J. Axer

  • Earlier concept art by Jeff Axer for Dr. Quacks design after Sonic's year in space had him missing his right arm and leg (the latter replaced with a peg) as well as the eyepatch. In the end, only the eyepatch was kept, which was moved from his right eye to his left.
  • At different points his first name was given as Horatio and Quentin, later consolidated into his full name.
  • Early on, Quack was often depicted with a lollipop in his mouth.
  • Dr. Quack's name may be a pun, as a fake doctor is known as a "quack." However, Dr. Quack has been shown to be a reliable doctor, the opposite of a quack.
  • Dr. Quack's childrens' names are parodies of Donald Duck's nephews, Huey, Dewey, and Louie Duck.


Dr. Quack's initial design was somewhat generic; he was simply a pale yellow duck with a doctor's mirror and white coat. Later on, he was redesigned by artist Jon Gray, who gave him a cane, eyepatch (over his left eye), fingerless gloves, boots and a more elaborate white coat with brown details and a red cross emblem. This was later simplified: Dr. Quack now has more distinctive bushy eyebrows and wears a green turtleneck sweater under his white lab coat.

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