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Team Hooligan is a trio of mercenaries led by Nack the Weasel and including Bark the Polar Bear and Bean the Dynamite. The team formed in an effort to capture a Sol Emerald that ended up on Mobius, only to come into conflict with Team Rose, Team Dark, and the Babylon Rogues over it. The group later reformed after Mobius' reality was rewritten, and ended up as opponents of the Chaotix.


Sol Emerald Hunt[]

Soon after Dr. Nega was chased out of Mobius Prime by the Zone Cops, Nack somehow became aware of an interesting treasure in the Great Forest and hired Bean and Bark as extra muscle in a get-rich-quick scheme. After trailing Team Rose and watching their initial clash with Team Dark, they made their move by capturing Cheese the Chao when he escaped from a gorge holding the item of interest: a Sol Emerald. After Cheese's owner Cream arrived to rescue him, they switched hostages and tried to retreat on the Marvelous Queen when Amy Rose and Blaze appeared, but were overtaken by Blaze and crashed. While still holding onto the Emerald, they succeeded in making a fast getaway as Team Dark attacked Team Rose again, but soon found themselves being pursued by the Babylon Rogues' zeppelin. (SU: #22)

As they were being chased, the zeppelin began dropping bombs on them. They were eventually caught in one of the explosions and sent crashing a second time. A confrontation soon after resulted in Team Hooligan having the Emerald stolen right from their grasp by the Babylon Rogues themselves who managed to briefly escape with the gem due in part to Bean goofing around with his former armada cohorts and Nack not able to get a decent shot at multiple moving targets. Team Hooligan then gave chase to the Rogues and knocked them out of the sky after a blast from Nack's sniper rifle stuck the Sol Emerald, causing it to unleash a fiery eruption. They almost died when the Rogues countered by having their zeppelin release its entire payload on them as they saw the emerald was undamaged from the shot, but were saved by Bean who surprisingly caused all the bombs to detonate above them prematurely. Completely irate at nearly having the Marvelous Queen destroyed, Nack stowed the Emerald and lead his team forward to attack the Rogues, but was stopped short with the arrival of both Teams Dark and Rose. Seeing the fight turn into a four-way melee, Team Hooligan charged with weapons drawn and Nack ordering them to win or no one would get paid. (SU: #23)


Teams Hooligan, Rose, Dark, and Babylon fight for the Sol Emerald.

At first the battle was nothing but a hectic riot, and it became even more chaotic after the Rogues snatched the emerald from Nack yet again and it began to jump back and forth between everyone. However the tides turned against them when Teams Rose and Dark began to cooperate, and Team Hooligan found themselves being corralled by the girls while the G.U.N. commandos herded the Rogues together with them. Blaze then set off one of Bean's bombs and the resultant explosion was able to take both teams out of the fight in one move. At the battle's end, Nack was knocked unconciousness, Bark was left singed and sore, while Bean (who held the bomb went it exploded) could not feel his hands, but had a cheery disposition nontheless. Having lost both the emerald and the fight completely, Bark decided to call off the job, then picked up Nack and carried him off, followed by an unphased and complicit Bean. (SU: #24)

Background Information[]

  • Team Hooligan, like the other groups featured in Treasure Team Tango, is formed based on the team style of the game Sonic Heroes:
    • Nack-Speed
    • Bean-Flight (despite not actually being seen to fly under his own power)
    • Bark-Power
  • The members of the Hooligans are not known to be allies in the game universe: the only game that all three appeared in was Sonic the Fighters, and they appeared as individual competitors in a tournament rather than as allies.