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Honey Official 3D Render
Honey the Cat
Biographical information


Physical description
  • Red and black dress with white laces
  • Red boots
  • White wings
  • Red and white gloves
  • Red headband
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Hand-to-hand combat skills
  • High agility
    • Shadow Sneak
If it's not sweet, you're not wearing Honey!

–Honey's company slogan., StH #268

Honey the Cat is a female Mobian Cat and fashion designer. Founder of her Honey Clothing label, she works to promote her products in any way possible, even by entering a fighting tournament.



Honey and Amy

Honey and Amy start their friendship.

Honey took part in Breezie the Hedgehog's Chaos Emerald Championship in Casino Park along with the Hooligans and several of the Knothole Freedom Fighters. Unlike most of her fellow competitors, Honey was interested mainly in promoting her new fashion line, and agreed to give the Freedom Fighters the Chaos Emerald if she won in exchange for them modeling for her. This was particularly thrilling to her long-time fan Amy Rose, whose outfit was an old piece of Honey's from the "Dreamcaster" line. Honey was also thrilled to see Amy sporting the look, and determined to re-release it in Amy's honor as part of the "Rose Collection." The chemistry between the two even caused them to break out in a routine with the slogan "If it's not sweet, you're not wearing Honey!" This was somewhat unnerving to both Sonic and Tails, the latter of whom was even more creeped out when Honey suggested that he could "accessorize". (StH: #268)

Honey ended up facing off with Tails in the first round of the Championship, and proved to be quite the opponent for the young Freedom Fighter. She eventually used a trick to knock him out of the ring, and upon being accused of cheating by him replied that "all is fair in love and war." She then attempted to cheer him up-and failed miserably-by giving him one of her bow ties to wear. Following Knuckles the Echidna's victory over Bark the Polar Bear, Honey informed Amy that she was set to face the Guardian in round two, while Honey was going up against Sonic. (StH: #269)

Honey offered to throw the fight against Sonic, knowing that he needed to stop Eggman, but Sonic wanted to give the crowd a show, so they fought anyway, with Sonic winning by throwing her sky high; despite her loss, Honey enjoyed the experience. She then excitedly watched Sonic and Knuckles brawl in the championship round, but the match was cut short when the Hooligans knocked out the power in Casino Park on Dr. Eggman's orders. His servant, Metal Sonic, then burst in and attempted to steal the Emerald. Honey and the others tried to stop the robot, but he managed to keep going until finally being stopped by Tails and forced to retreat. Later that day, Honey started a business partnership with Breezie to design clothes for her robot staff. Here, she took the opportunity to question Breezie as to how Eggman's minions were able to get by so easily despite Breezie's defense system, nearly costing Sonic's team the Emerald. Breezie thought nothing of it, since she still profited from the incident. Honey was disturbed by the extent of Breezie's deviousness, but the hedgehog reminded her that she herself used trickery to defeat Tails. Told she would one day understand Breezie's way of thinking, Honey left the office, albeit visibly conscience-stricken. (StH: #270, #271)

Helping Out[]

While in Spagonia, Honey met Sally Acorn, who was trying to book a table at a restaurant for Lucia's family. Honey was willing to trade her own reserved table in return for Sally giving her a royal design job. Sally responded by saying that when the time came she'd let Honey wardrobe her entire coronation in exchange for the table. (StH: #280)

Honey was among the many allies informed by Sally and Sonic of their plan to fix the shattered world. Honey agreed to join the diversionary world-wide attacks on Eggman's forces. The plan was aborted when Eggman discovered it via Tails Doll, but the world was eventually restored at last. Honey watched the world come back together while attending a meeting with Breezie. (StH: #283, #287)

In Empire City, Honey the Cat met Princess Undina, who was traveling the world on her own. Undina agreed to model some clothing Honey designed. Some time after they parted their ways, Honey was visited by Echo the Dolphin, who was searching for any clue on Undina's current whereabouts. (SU: #91, #92)


While upbeat and friendly, Honey is also a determined businesswoman; going to such lengths to join a fighting tournament and hire the Freedom Fighters as modelers in a vain effort to advertise her products. She has a very strong drive toward accomplishment, even taking up martial arts just for the sake of giving herself more to do between her work as a fashion designer and CEO of Honey Clothing. Even when facing a problem, she has enough confidence to somehow get around it. However, while she has noble intentions, she can be quite devious in battle, though until Breezie pointed it out she seems to have thought little of it.


Despite being a fashion designer, Honey is quite the agile fighter. With her Shadow Sneak technique she can move fast enough in short bursts to create the illusion of producing multiple copies of herself to confuse her opponent. She was able to go toe to toe during her match against Tails and eventually won once outsmarting him. She was even able to match Sonic the Hedgehog himself for a time before he finally defeated her.


Honey the Cat Profile

Honey the Cat

She has close-lying yellow fur, a peach muzzle, and long black hair that she keeps in two voluminous ponytails. She also two triangular perked ears with peach inner ears, a small black nose, large orange eyes, thin arms and legs, and a slim two-tone tail.

For her headwear, she wears a red hairband and elaborate white laced cloth-like hair barrettes around her ponytails. She also wears a red dress, black straps on the cuffs, a pair of white wings on the back, and white laces on the lower rim. Her dress also has black outlines around the waist, and a black area on her front skirt with white fasteners. Additionally, she wears white gloves with red backs and laced cuffs, black arm wrappers around her wrists and black and red boots.

Background Information[]

  • Honey was a scrapped character from Sonic the Fighters, an arcade fighting game developed by Sega in 1996. However, she had since been restored as a playable character in the Xbox Live Arcade and PSN port of the game. Her design is based on the character with the same name from the game, Fighting Vipers, and the comics portray her as a fashion designer like her inspiration from that game.
  • Prior to appearing in the actual comics, Honey made a cameo appearance on the cover of Sonic Universe #40, which featured a "Fighter Select Screen" cover where Honey appeared as one of the options, undoubtedly as a nod to her role in Sonic the Fighters. A billboard for Honey's clothing line also appeared in StH #264.
  • Honey's dress in the comic differs slightly from her apparel in Sonic the Fighters.
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