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Hip and Hop

Hip and Hop

Hip and Hop are a pair of kangaroos who originally appeared to aid Sonic by providing advice about one of Dr. Robotnik's plots. Later, they became judges in the Kingdom/Republic of Acorn.


Hip and Hop managed to escape from Dr. Robotnik after he took over Mount Mobius. Following the construction of Dr. Robotnik's Veg-O-Fortress, they warned Sonic the Hedgehog of the presence of Ferrons ahead before escaping to safety. (StH: #6)

Hip and Hop eventually relocated to Knothole Village. The two served as judges in a trial against Sonic following his rampage as Mecha Sonic, informing him that, despite their past history, there would be no conflict of interest and that Sonic would already be banished if it was up to them, ultimately finding him guilty of treason. (StH: #40)

The two kangaroos later served as judges for the Republic of Acorn in 3237 for the trial of Geoffrey St. John. The two determined that 'the ends do not justify the means' and also found St. John guilty of treason, though their ruling proved pointless as King Naugus quickly pardoned St. John for his crime. (StH : #233)

Background Information[]

  • Hip and Hop first appeared in the 16-bit version of the game Sonic the Hedgehog Spinball.
  • The cover of Issue 233 depicts Hip and Hop with new designs wearing wigs and featured a more modern, "SEGAfied" look; however, these designs are not shown in the actual story.


Hip and Hop both appear as gray Kangaroos, and are completely indistinguishable from each other. Most of their bodies are covered in gray fur, the exceptions being their light brown arms and muzzles. Both wear long blue shoes-to accommodate their large feet-and white gloves.