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High Sheriff
First Appearance

Sonic the Hedgehog #58

Biographical information

3225 (approximately)


Dr. Ivo Robotnik

Physical description
  • Color: Grey
  • Eyes: Red/Black
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Basic Combat
  • Leadership Experience

The High Sheriff was the name given to Armand D'Coolette in his roboticized state during his time serving as Dr. Ivo Robotnik's (and later Dr. Eggman) Sub-Boss in the Kingdom of Mercia. Ruthless and cunning, the High Sheriff was responsible for rounding up numerous Mobians in Mercia and roboticizing them. At some point he was captured and imprisoned in Albion, and was later returned to Knothole where his free will was restored via the Sword of Acorns and he was later de-roboticized completely by the Bem.


See also: Armand D'Coolette

Sub-Boss of the Kingdom of Mercia

After Robotnik managed to secure the Kingdom of Acorn capital city of Mobotropolis during his military coup, the despotic mad scientist turned his attention to the rest of Mobius. With one of King Max's top military generals now his roboticized servant, Robotnik renamed Armand D'Coolette the High Sheriff and sent him to act as his sub-boss in Mercia. Mercia fell to the High Sheriff and most of its citizens were rounded up and roboticized. However, the High Sheriff met resistance in the form of the Crazy Kritter Freedom Fighters led by Rob o' the Hedge. Despite this, the High Sheriff managed to capture and roboticize all of the Crazy Kritters with the exception of Rob, who continued to spy on the Sheriff's actions, hoping to one day free his team. (StH: #58, KtE: #12)

Even after the death of Dr. Robotnik, the High Sheriff continued to hold power in the Kingdom of Mercia. During Knuckles the Echidna's tenure as Mitre of the Lost Tribe, the Sheriff's Robian hordes managed to round up and enslave the majority of the tribe, while also capturing Yanar as well as Sonic the Hedgehog and Tails after their plane had crashed in the region. However, a daring rescue by Knuckles, Rob O' the Hedge and Mari-An with help from Sonic and Tails resulted in the Lost Tribe's liberation, the High Sheriff knocked out, and his castle burned. The fate of the High Sheriff was unknown at that time, with Rob presuming him to have been destroyed. (StH: #58, KtE: #11, #12)

After the arrival of Dr. Eggman to Mobius Prime, the High Sheriff accepted him as leader and began serving as the dictator's Sub-Boss once again. Due to local resistance posing a problem for him, the High Sheriff requested supplies be sent to him, which Eggman promised to do. (SSS: #11)


HighSheriff Escape

The High Sheriff breaking out of his shackles in Albion

At some point in time after this, the High Sheriff was subdued and made a prisoner in Albion. He was eventually discovered in Albion by his son Antoine D'Coolette, who had left Knothole with Bunnie and Amy Rose to retrieve the High Sheriff. Due to the High Sheriff being viewed as such a large threat to their security, the Albion High Council voted to have him dismantled in the name of the greater good. A battle ensued when the High Sheriff broke free of his restraints, though Knuckles temporarily contained him with his new-found-abilities, having evolved into Chaos Knuckles. Antoine begged Gala-Na to let him use a device; the Electronic Neutralizer, to place Armand in stasis and transport him away. Though Gala-Na refused and ordered the Albion Security Team to destroy the High Sheriff using Particle Chargers, Knuckles used his powers to send his friends away, with the High Sheriff neutralized and secured in the back of Antoine and Bunnie's ship. He was subsequently brought back to Knothole and placed in jail. (StH: #89, #90, #93)

Free Will Restored

Having been imprisoned in Knothole's jail for weeks, the High Sheriff finally had his free will and memories restored by Sally Acorn when she used the power of the Sword of Acorns. However, Rob o' the Hedge made a visit to Knothole some time later and still believed him to be the High Sheriff pretending to have his memories restored. After spending two days together, Rob realized that he was no longer the High Sheriff, and left Knothole to return home. Armand and his victims would eventually be derobotized by the Bem. After leading the Royal Army for a whole year, Armand would later be poisoned by his son's Moebius self Patch and die a happy coyote. (StH: #99, #102, #111, #123, #131, #132, #133, #153, #156, #158)


Ruthless and cunning the High Sheriff was one of Robotnik`s most successful sub-bosses. Able to keep control of his territory and rounding up numerous Mobians for robotization. Like Valdez and Sir Charles Hedgehog the High Sheriff could talk but was brainwashed into being evil, and would go so far as to hurt his former friends, family, and allies since he had no memory of them.

Background Information

The character is obviously inspired by the Sheriff of Nottingham from Robin Hood.

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