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The High Council of Echidnaopolis (often simply referred to as the High Council) was the primary political governing body of Echidnaopolis and the affairs of Angel Island after the city returned to Mobius Prime. Since Echidnaopolis' destruction at the hands of the Eggman Empire-backed Dingo Regime, the High Council ceased to exist, its members likely killed during the Dingo occupation or sent to Albion with the few surviving Echidnas.


Decisions Regarding the White Comet

Roughly 600 years ago, the two echidna scientists Jordann and Kayla-La were charting the stars when Jordann discovered a massive White Comet hurling towards Mobius. Informing his wife, the two then went to present a plan before the High Council regarding what actions should be taken. Rather than abandon their city of Echidnaopolis, Kayla-La presented the plan to harness the power of various Chaos Emeralds to life their city into the sky and thus avoid certain destruction by the comet. The technocracy element of the High Council gained an advantage when the majority voted in support of Kayla-La's plan. When the holy man Arakkis confronted the High Council about the issue, proposing that the echidnas were not meant to soar into the sky, but to harvest the land of Downunda, the High Council unanimously turned down this proposal. However, Arakkis made a counter-proposal that those who wished to follow him could leave the city before it ascended into the sky. The High Council accepted this, and soon Arakkis and his followers, forming the Lost Tribe, left the city. Echidnaopolis ascended into the sky following this, becoming the Floating Island. Due to these events, the technocracy gained a sizable advantage within the High Council as it had saved the city's population. Subsequently, the theocracy and creationist elements held a grudge against the technocracy, which lasted for generations. (StH: #34, KtE: #10, #24)

Dimitri and Edmund's Plan

Roughly 400 years ago, the great-great-grandsons of Jordann and Kayla-La proposed a plan before the High Council of Echidnaopolis. Hoping to return the Floating Island to the area of Mobius is had left from, Dimitri and Edmund proposed to use their invention, the Chaos Syphon, to gradually drain the powers of the Chaos Emeralds and slowly set the Floating Island back in its original position. However, the theocracy and creationist elements within the High Council still held a grudge against the technocracy, and fearing the success of Dimitri and Edmund's plan would upset the balance of power once again in the technocracy's favour, the High Council rejected the brothers' plan. In addition to this, the current High Councilor of the time, Menthor, realized the success of Dimitri and Edmund's plan would make them both heroes and thus jeopardize his own ambitions, thus he too denounced the plan. (KtE: #23, #24)

Dimitri, enraged by this turn of events, proceeded to use the Chaos Syphon himself. However, the machine overloaded, transforming Dimitri into a living Chaos Emerald. With his new powers, Dimitri turned the Mechanaut work force against the echidnas and began to enslave them, as well as captured Menthor and his brother Edmund, informing them of his plans to enslave the world. Dimitri's plans were ultimately undone by the Fire Ants, and he was believed to have been killed after being buried under the rubble of his collapsing Dark Tower. (StH: #35, #36)

Referendum Regarding Excess Technology

The theocracy elements within the High Council realized they could use the recent events to turn the balance of power into their favour. Blaming technology in general for Dimitri's efforts to enslave their people, the High Council proposed a referendum held by the civilian population. The majority of the Citizen Council voted in favour of renouncing all technology that was deemed excessive. The theocracy brought legitimacy to this decision when they selected Dimitri's own brother Edmund to round up all technology deemed excessive, catalogue it and store it within the Grand Conservatory. Despite the majority having voted in favour of this, many citizens, such as Mr. Arrunda, were outraged when Edmund arrived at their front door to confiscate their technology. As a result, many joined the secretive organization called the Dark Legion, created by Dimitri's son Menniker, to oppose this decision. (KtE: #1, #24)

The Dark Legion Crisis

See also: Dark Legion

Dark Legion forces begin to attack Echidnaopolis

Menniker's decision to create the Dark Legion was a result of the encounter he had at Mount Fate - the ruins of Dimitri's Dark Tower. Feeling a telepathic message sent out from beneath the ruins, Menniker felt as if his father was telling him to continue what her stated. As a result, he set up the Dark Legion to resist the new legislation regarding technology, but also to restore power of the technocracy within society. Over time, Steppenwolf, the son of Edmund, noticed that the Dark Legion was demonstrating signs of outright insurrection against the government. When he decided to spy on one of the Dark Legion's meetings, he was discovered, and ordered killed by the Grandmaster. Edmund was soon warned of his son's predicament by the Fire Ant Christopheles, and set off on a Streaking Pasha to rescue his son. Arriving at the ruins of the legion Hover Pod his son had crashed, Edmund managed to take out two legionnaires, only to be shot from behind by two others. Believing Edmund to have been the spy, the two other legionnaires left the scene, at which point Steppenwolf emerged and found his father dead. Steppenwolf was then convinced by Christopheles to take up the mantle of Guardian in his father's stead and properly train for the role. (KtE: #1, #2, #3)

Some time later, after Steppenwolf had completed his training to become a powerful Guardian, the Dark Legion launched an all-out attack against the city of Echidnaopolis. During an emergency session, the High Council feared civil war between their people. Steppenwolf entered the chambers, urging the High Council not to give into the Dark Legion's demands, only to be attacked by Councilor Garek, who felt killing Steppenwolf and presenting his body to the Dark Legion would end the violence. However, due to the selfless display by Steppenwolf, Garek was brought to his knees, and abandoned his position. Steppenwolf then convinced the High Council to let him resolve the issue. Steppenwolf went before the Dark Legion Grandmaster to propose peace terms, only to end up defending himself from a Dark Legion assassin. After realizing the Grandmaster was his own cousin Menniker, and that he would not listen to reason, Steppenwolf banished the entire Dark Legion to a pocket zone called the Twilight Zone. (KtE: #3)

Dealing with Dingoes and Despots

Unfortunately, the Echidnas' troubles wouldn't end with the banishment of their violent kindred, as the neighboring Dingo Regime began stealing Echidna technology. When they launched nuclear weapons at the Echidnas, Guardian Hawking was left with no choice but to use the Hyper-wave Projector to send Echidnaopolis and the Dingo city of Cavem Canus into alternate Zones to save them from the destruction and fallout. It was decades before the island was made habitable again, but eventually everyone but the people of Echidnaopolis and Cavem Canus were returned to the island. The greatest obstacle Hawking faced was lacking a power source sufficient to return both cities to the island, and the best he could accomplish was to bring Echidnaopolis back and save the Dingos as well, though their city was lost in the process. The Echidnas did their best to provide housing, but the delay resulted in Helmut Von Stryker appearing before the High Council to express his complaints regarding the situation of his people. The council assured him that relations would improve, provided his people were willing to cooperate, but the two groups soon had to face the dual threats of the returning Dark Legion led by Enerjak and the tyrant Mammoth Mogul. (KtE: #5, #6, #7, #8, #9)


The Reunification

After the citizens of Echidnaopolis were restored to their world by Chaos Knuckles, Dimitri arrived in the city, seeking to reintroduce the Dark Legion into society. During the council meeting, the Mitre present argued that Aurora never intended for echidnas to replace nature with machinery, though Dimitri argued back that, as echidnas, they had the ability to think for themselves. The meeting was stopped briefly when a councilor drew a weapon on Dimitri, only to be saved by Knuckles. Knuckles' actions brought more legitimacy towards the reunification and plans were set into motion for more debate. (StH: #107, #108, #109)



The High Council of Echidnaopolis has a three tier structure. At the top is the Mitre class, the spiritual guides of the people. Below them is the High Councilor, and below he or she are the Councillors, who are elected by the citizens. (StH: #108, KtE: #22, #23, #24)

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