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Treetop huts of Hideaway.

Hideaway is a hidden village located deep in Mercia's Deerwood Forest. It serves as a refuge for people fleeing the Eggman Empire as well as a base of operations for the Mercian Freedom Fighters. While staying in the village, Mighty the Armadillo and Ray the Flying Squirrel assisted the Freedom Fighters in turning back the local Dark Egg Legion when the latter began setting fire to the forest in order to reveal Hideaway's location. Other members of the Chaotix were brought there following their departure, and set out with the Freedom Fighters to infiltrate Snottingham Castle to learn what had become of their missing comrades. Grandmaster Mordred Hood also made efforts to locate Hideaway by hypnotizing his prisoners, though he met with no real success. (SU: #46)

Background Information[]

  • Hideway's status as a hidden forest village and hiding place for Freedom Fighters is reminiscent of both the Robin Hood stories and the destroyed city of Knothole, which in its early days provided a similar protection for the Knothole Freedom Fighters.