You may be looking for Haven, or the Mobius: X Years Later version of the base, Haven II (MxYL)

Haven II was the replacement for Haven, which was destroyed when the Dark Legion fired the Quantum Beam. After the Brotherhood of Guardians returned from the pocket zone they were imprisoned in, they constructed Haven II to act as their new base of operations in late 3236. Their new facility was attached to an old storage room which Vector considered "a dump", and was significantly smaller than the original Haven. Mammoth Mogul contacted Haven II after capturing the dying Dimitri informing the Brotherhood he wanted to meet with Knuckles. The Brotherhood remained in Haven II observing the situation as Knuckles went to deal with Mogul. Haven II continued to be used by the Brotherhood until they were captured by Dr. Finitevus. (StH: #107, #116, #139, SSS: #14)

Locke continued to operate from Haven II until the Dingo Regime's forces approached it seeking the Master Emerald. Locke provided the Master Emerald to the Dark Legion who relocated it to the Hidden Palace, though Haven II was overrun and Locke subsequently captured. The damaged facility later became the residence of a repentant Dimitri, who at Knuckles' behest was plugged into the base. This allowed him to locate the missing members of the Brotherhood, who had been exiled to the Twilight Cage. Later on, Knuckles was working in the base when Nicole intercepted a signal from Remington in Albion, which was under attack. (StH: #139, #222, #232, #242)

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