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Queen Hathor
Biographical information
  • Queen of the Mysterious Cat Country
Physical description
  • Red, black, blue and yellow formal queen dress
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Leadership Skills

Queen Hathor, also known as the Cat Queen, is the leader of the Felidae, tribal cats located in the Mysterious Cat Country. She and her people were responsible for the capture of most of the Chaotix when they journeyed to the Mysterious Cat Country. She later played a part in the Ancient Onyx incident between the Felidae and the Wolf Pack Nation.


Capturing The Chaotix[]

When Angel Island came down to Mobius's surface near her lands, she and a troop of her guards were there to capture the Chaotix as they investigated. She soon met with the Guardian Locke, who defeated her champion Razorklaw. Afterwards, she released the Chaotix and gave them—along with Locke's son Knuckles—a lesson in the history of her country and that of the Knuckles Clan under Pachacamac. (StH: #81, #82, #84)

Ancient Onyx Incident[]

Roughly a year after these events, Queen Hathor and her people were on the verge of conflict with the Wolf Pack Nation, who had resettled on their ancestral lands-lands the Felidae claimed as their own. After a few minor incidents between them, both sides were shocked by the disappearance of the Ancient Onyx, an artifact sacred to both their cultures and held by each to be its personal property. Soon afterward Big the Cat, accompanied by Sonic the Hedgehog, journeyed to the Mysterious Cat Country, where they were received coldly by Hathor. Sonic did most of the talking for the heathen initially, and then Big revealed that they were also seeking the Ancient Onyx. Hathor became outraged thinking they were the ones who stole it. Sonic attempted to smooth things over, but Hathor silenced him, not wishing to hear the lies of an outsider. She then made Big stately recount the truth, explaining this to Sonic and the need for his dress. Sonic then introduced himself as Big's interpreter and explained past events. He and Sally Acorn had traveled south to be inducted into the Wolf Pack Nation, and upon learning of the situation from both Grand Chief Lupe and Big they had split up to try and resolve the matter as a neutral party. After receiving this information, Hathor agreed to allow Sonic to leave to recover the Ancient Onyx, though she wanted him to eliminate Big for his association with outsiders. Sonic appeased her by offering to take Big with him as a form of exile; however, before they could depart, Lupe arrived at the head of the Wolf Pack Freedom Fighters, armed for battle. (StH: #213)

After reviewing the matter with Sonic, Lupe was quick to demand that the Felidae return the Ancient Onyx. Hathor retorted by accusing the Wolves of stealing it, and accused Sonic and Big of being their agents. The tense relationship between the two rulers came to a head, as they vented their anger on each other for everything from dispute over the Wolf Pack Nation's lands to various offenses each had committed against the other. While trying to reason it out, Sonic had Big stand between them to prevent them from coming to blows, and after hearing the two argue came to a realization. He then inquired of Hathor as to whether there were any areas that neither faction would enter; she named the Mystic Ruins, given that they were taboo to her people and too far within their boundaries for the Wolves to enter without permission. After convincing Lupe and her warriors to follow his lead, Sonic asked Hathor to lead them to the ruins, which she agreed to after he wagered his life. The group found a chapter of the Dark Egg Legion hiding out there, and quickly determined that several of the members were missing Wolves. Hathor was amused, but at first dismissed it as proof that the Wolves were guilty. Sonic then ripped the hoods off several other Legionnaires, revealing them to be disgraced Felidae, and asking Hathor what their robes made them according to Felidae culture. Crying out that they were the "vilest of traitors", Hathor ordered her forces to attack, eventually driving the Legion into retreat. After the Wolves called off their own pursuit, Hathor remarked that there might still be a battle to be fought. Fortunately, Princess Sally arrived with the Ancient Onyx-both of them captured by the Legion-and convinced the two parties that there was no reason for continued violence. Citing the artifact as the reason they had almost gone to war, and also reminding them that they had just come together on their own, Sally proposed that it be left in the Mystic Ruins for safekeeping in Felidae territory, while the Wolves would retrieve it whenever needed. Though both Hathor and Lupe knew that this arrangement could not make up for all that had transpired between them, they decided that it was a start, and shook hands in agreement. (StH: #214)

Keeping the Peace[]

In the few months following the tenuous truce with the Wolf Pack Nation, Queen Hathor maintained the peace within her own nation. Eventually a day for leisure arrived, and the Queen decided to take her boat out in order to relax. As she made her way to the docks, Hathor was ambushed and abducted by a robot before anyone could see what happened. The Queen was then taken to the Legion's Shazamazon Temple base, and joined Grand Chief Lupe as a fellow prisoner. While held in the same cell, Lupe explained to the Queen the robot was Mecha Sally and described her own experience as a Robian. (StH: #237)

The two realized their absences would likely cause their people to attack each other, and Lupe opted to boost Hathor up to an air vent so she could escape to get help. The Queen was reluctant at first, as it meant removing her robes and losing her station to lead the Felidae. However, Lupe convinced her it would be a worthy sacrfice to save their nations, just as the Grand Chief said of her sacrifice to face Roboticization once more. Once Hathor escaped, she fled into the Great Rainforest and was pursued by Razorklaw and a squad of Felidae legionnaires. (StH: #237)

Cornered, Hathor prepared for the worst at their hands, only to be saved by the timely arrival of Team Fighters and some of the wolves. Lyco and Leeta were confused by "emissary" Hathor's presence, until "ambassador" Sonic cleared up the situation and let her explain what happened to the Queen and Grand Chief. By carrying the Queen's will, Hathor was able to get a dubious group of Felidae warriors who had arrived to stand down, but lamented the real Queen's absence. With Amy's reassurance that the Queen was there in spirit the group then set out the Temple to rescue Lupe. (StH: #237,#238)


As per cultural tradition, Hathor only acts as queen while wearing her regal cloak, but she generally retains an air of stateliness. She is decisive, somewhat stubborn and quick to judge, and her tribe's xenophobic ways cause her to show extreme distrust and suspicion of outsiders, and disgust for those willing to associate with them. She does not hesitate to mete out harsh punishments.

Background Information[]

  • Her status as leader of the cat tribe may be a joke on the fact that the term "queen" is a term for a female cat.
  • The Queen, despite being addressed as "Your Majesty," speaks of herself as a separate entity when not wearing her cloak. According to Ken Penders, this was meant as some sort of cultural rite. This was later backed up by StH:#213, when Queen Hathor stated, "It is our way. We use our dress to become our station. Our rank. Our very identities."
  • The Queen's name may be based off of Hathor, an Ancient Egyptian goddess.



The Queen's original look

Queen Hathor is a tall, white cat with blue eyes (with yellow sclera). She wears a blue cloak with a high collar, two gold buttons and a red lining. Beneath this she wears a black dress-gown with a gold-colored "V" mark coming down from her shoulders and a black cowl that fits snugly over her head and neck. She also wears two small hoop earrings on each ear, which were later joined by large gold orbs. Since her reappearance, she wears a metal crown with feathers and the sleeves of the dress are now red with a gold trim.