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Harry the Dingo
First Appearance

Knuckles the Echidna #13

Final Appearance

Sonic Universe #9

Biographical information


Physical description


  • Fur: Brown & Yellow
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Dingo army uniform (formerly)
  • Brown cap (formerly)
  • Blue jacket (formerly)
  • Cloak
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Spying
  • Driving

Harry is a Mobian Dingo and one of the few who does not hold racist feelings towards the Echidnas. Following the return of the Dingoes and Echidnaopolis to Mobius Prime, Harry left his post in the military and served as a taxi driver. Unlike his fellow Dingoes, Harry got along with the Echidnas, even befriending some including Constable Remington. After the Dingoes, under the new leadership of Kage Von Stryker took over Angel Island, Harry acted as an informant for the Dark Legion resistance. Due to his help, Locke was rescued from Dingo captivity. Following this his treachery was discovered and he was punished. He was transported by Enerjak along with the rest of the dingoes to the Sandopolis desert where he once again began working for General Von Stryker.


Soldier and Cab Driver

Harry being inspected by General Von Stryker in the Dingoes' pocket zone

Like most of his people, Harry served in the military during his early life under General Helmut Von Stryker. Being a soldier never sat well with him, but since they were sealed off in a pocket zone by the Guardian Hawking's Hyper-wave Projector, he had little choice. (SU: #9)

After the Echidnas and Dingoes were brought back to the prime zone, Harry became a cab driver in Echidnaopolis, due to being unhappy with army life. It was he who discovered Charmy Bee and his sick friend Mello, and despite not wanting to get involved he drove them to the hospital and stayed with Charmy in the waiting room. When Charmy learned of Mello's death, Harry comforted him in the hospital. Harry's lack of hatred towards the Echidnas and starting an easy life for himself was observed by General Von Stryker, who informed Harry that he was still a dingo and despite having served his tour of duty had no choice but to remain loyal to the army. Despite this threat, Harry continued to serve as a taxi driver. When Charmy approached Harry later to ask for another favor, he was persuaded to help the Chaotix in their investigation of Happyland Amusement Park, and drove them to the entrance. Later, he drove Constable Remington and Julie-Su to the outside of Downtown Ebony Hare's base of operations, waiting parked outside the building. When the Chaotix recognized his cab, he informed them that he'd dropped off the Constable and Julie-Su there. (KtE: #13, #14, #15)

Some time later, Constable Remington hired Harry as a cabbie to pursue Benedict, who was running away after his plans to rig the election had been discovered. When Harry got close to the Dark Legion's main campaign building he at first refused to drive further, but was convinced to help Remington. The two went into the back doors of the building and Harry helped Remington to rescue General Von Stryker and Julie-Su. (KtE: #24)

Harry driving Remington and informing him of Von Stryker's planned protest

After this, Remington came to rely on Harry as a source of information. When Remington hired Harry to drive him to the Echidna Security Team office, Harry informed him of General Von Stryker's plans to launch a massive protest against the High Council for not making good on their promises to help the dingoes. After dropping Remington off he told him he wouldn't have to pay fare and drove off quickly, hoping to not be seen helping the Constable. Later that day Harry was caught in the blast of the Quantum Beam along with the rest of the Floating Island's inhabitants (except Knuckles), and was transported to another zone. (SSS: #14)

Weeks after the residents of the Floating Island were returned by Chaos Knuckles, Harry was bribed by Mammoth Mogul to drive him to Echidnaopolis General Hospital, unknowingly playing a role in helping Mogul take Dimitri hostage, which was part of the Mammoth's plan to trap Chaos Knuckles and drain him of his powers. Beaten by Mogul after dropping him off at the Hospital, Harry was found and taken to the hospital in critical condition. When the Chaotix informed Chaos Knuckles of Harry's past good deeds helping them, he used his powers to heal him. Grateful and eager to see Mogul paid back, Harry told his story, only for Chaos Knuckles to go off alone to confront Mogul. (StH: #114, #115, #117, #118)

Informant and Soldier

During the Eggman Empire-backed Dingo Regime's occupation of Angel Island, Harry was forced back into the military but acted as a spy and informant to the Dark Legion. It was through him that the Dark Legion discovered Locke had been captured and imprisoned. After Knuckles, the Chaotix and Sonic rescued Locke, in the confusion they left Harry behind. With his treachery discovered, Kage Von Stryker severely punished him, leaving him badly scarred and wounded. (StH: #140; SU #9)

When Enerjak exiled the dingoes to the Sandopolis desert, Harry was among them. He once again found himself working under General Von Stryker, and was declared a "war hero" for resisting Kage Von Stryker's rule. He directed a giant sand worm that carried Knuckles, Julie-Su, and Mighty into the desert to search for the evil Dr. Finitevus, and spoke briefly with Mighty. The Armadillo apologized for leaving the Dingo behind, but Harry bore no animosity towards the Chaotix for doing so. However, he departed immediately afterwards, apparently wanting no further part in their latest adventure. (StH: #181, SU: #9)


Harry often comes off as laid-back and bored, often not wanting to get involved in anything complicated, though when pressed he retains some of his military training. Because of his somewhat seedy connections and tendency to ignore parking tickets, he is often in minor trouble with the law and tries to avoid city officials, though he'll often (reluctantly) help Remington as an informant. Despite himself, he has a soft spot for young people. He comes off as somewhat unlucky in life, often finding himself in bad situations or getting injured in various ways. Following his injury at the hands of Kage Von Stryker he appears rather aloof and bitter, though he claims not to hold the Chaotix responsible for the harm he's come to through helping them. (StH: #140, KtE: #13, #14, SSS: #14, SU: #9)

Background Information

  • Harry displayed a very strong Cockney accent during the Chaos Knuckles story arc, though he lacked it completely in most other appearances, instead simply having a casual speech pattern.


In Harry's appearances as a cabbie, he wore a blue jacket with matching shoes and brown pants with a matching hat. He is known to have worn the standard Dingo Regime uniform: a gray long-sleeved shirt with green pants and hat and brown boots. He also wore the Kage-era uniform, a red and black outfit with a brown vest and a fez-like hat. In his final appearance in the series, he wore a black cloak that covered all of his body except for his muzzle and his hands, which were wrapped in bandages.

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