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The subject of this article appeared before the Super Genesis Wave.
Guiding Star Gem

A Guiding Star Gem.

A Guiding Star Gem is a small, mystical gemstone that has the power to teleport a person from one place to another. Guardian Knuckles the Echidna was given one by his great-grandfather Athair through his friend Yanar, as he knew that once Knuckles completed his destined journey to return the Lost Tribe of Echidnas to the Echidnas' original city of Albion, he would not want to remain with them and would want to return to his home and his friends on the Floating Island instead. (KtE: #12)

Two years after this in 3237, Merlin Prower asked Knuckles for his Guiding Star Gem and the Chaos Emerald Sonic and Tails had recently retrieved from the Special Zone. He revealed that with the combined power of both magical items, he could open a portal across space to Argentium to bring Amadeus and Rosemary Prower back to Mobius, which he did successfully. He later used it after arriving in New Mobotropolis to travel to Angel Island to help his father Locke defend their people. (StH: #170, #178)

Background Information[]

  • When asked why Knuckles no longer used the Guiding Star Gem, writer Ian Flynn stated "He dropped it when he got mugged by the Destructix. Also, we're phasing that out in favor of the much easier to show/explain Warp Rings. Also, Knuckles just got done causing all kinds of havoc with his Chaos power - I doubt he's eager to use it right now for anything. He made a big step in #186, but he still has issues over being Enerjak." (1)
  • Due to the results of Ken Penders v. Archie and the Super Genesis Wave, it is highly likely that the gem no longer exists.