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G.U.N. HQ's briefing room.

Guardian Units of the Nation Headquarters, or G.U.N. HQ for short, is the main base of operations for the Guardian Units of the Nation. It is located inside Mount Freedom and is equipped with all the necessities needed for a military organization.


Facing a New Invasion


  • Briefing Room: A moderately large room with many chairs for seating arrangements and a projector, making the room's appearance similar to that of inside a cinema. This room is used to brief agents on their next mission with pictures to help identify their targets.
  • Interrogation Room: A room with an observation window that allows occupants of the next room to look into it. Used for interrogations such as those conducted by the C.L.I.P. Division.

Background Information

  • In the game Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, GUN headquarters was revealed to be in the game universe's capital city of the United Federation, Central City, instead of in Mount Freedom.