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The subject of this article appeared before the Super Genesis Wave.
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You may be looking for the Brotherhood of Guardians, Guardian Mountain, Guardian Tower the robot Guardian of Sandopolis, or Guardian Units of the Nation (disambiguation).

Guardian is the title given to the current generation Echidna protector of Angel Island and Chaos Emerald from internal and external threats. When a Guardian comes of age and has an heir to replace himself/herself, they will typically go on to become part of the Brotherhood of Guardians in Haven. (KtE: #16, #21)

The title of Guardian is also bestowed upon the protector of the Sol Emeralds from the Sol Zone. (CSE)


All of the Guardians (from top left to bottom right; Edmund, Steppenwolf, Moonwatcher, Harlan, Rembrandt, Aaron, Jordan, Mathias, Hawking, Tobor, Spectre, Thunderhawk, Sojourner, Janelle-Li, Athair, Sabre, Locke, Knuckles

List of All Guardians[]

Of Angel Island[]

In order of succession:

  • Edmund - First Guardian, as well as the first to die in the line of duty. Deceased.
  • Steppenwolf - Sent the Dark Legion to the Twilight Zone, dispatched Brutus Kintobor and overlanders, first to utilize the Chaos Force. Deceased.
  • Moonwatcher - Stopped a Dark Legion advance from the Twilight Zone. Introduced other Mobian species to the island. Deceased.
  • Harlan - Developed a deeper understanding and connection with the Chaos Force. Deceased.
  • Rembrandt - Came up with the group name "the Brotherhood", first to train his son to be self-reliant. Deceased.
  • Aaron - Died to stop a nuclear missile from hitting Angel Island, taking Menniker with him. Deceased.
  • Jordan - Aaron's brother, first to be specially trained to survive alone. Deceased.
  • Mathias - Built on Harlan's research and perfected astral projection. Died during Brotherhood attack on the Grand Conservatory. Deceased.
  • Hawking - Saved Echidnaopolis from Dingo nuclear strike, headed cleanup of Angel Island after. Deceased.
  • Tobor - Failed during first act as Guardian. Replaced by Dark Legion operative and lived in exile, crashed himself and Kragok into the Battle Cruiser, killing them both. Deceased.
  • Moritori Rex - Dark Legion spy and saboteur who impersonated Tobor, watched over Dragon Kingdom.
  • Spectre - Was captured and altered by the Dark Legion; fended off a Dark Legion invasion, helped Locke rescue the Brotherhood.
  • Sojourner - Helped look after Elias Acorn, redirected the Brotherhood's focus to world affairs
  • Thunderhawk - Prevented a Dark Legion invasion led by Grandmaster Luger; watched over the continent of Downunda.
  • Janelle-Li - The first female Guardian. Resumed her Guardian duties after her son abstained. Deceased.
  • Athair - First Guardian to relinquish his role, became one of the Neo Walkers.
  • Sabre - Stopped the Overlanders from discovering Alicia Acorn and Elias Acorn.
  • Locke - Stopped a group of robians from stealing the Chaos Emerald, sacrificed his life to stop Enerjak. Deceased.
  • Knuckles - Current Guardian; defeated several Dark Legion attacks, joined the war against Robotnik

Possible Future Guardians[]

Of the Sol Zone[]