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The subject of this article appeared after the Super Genesis Wave.

Biographical information

Head priest



Physical description
  • Black fez
  • Glasses
  • Black and white robe
Political Alignment and Abilities

Gregorios is an elderly Human male who lives in Apotos in Eurish. He is the town's elder and the head priest of the Gaia Gate.


Shattered World Crisis[]

Metal Sonic Threatens Gregorios

Gregorios is attacked by Metal Sonic.

During the Shattered World Crisis, Gregorios was assaulted by Metal Sonic, who had determined that the old man had some connection to the Gaia Temples. Fortunately for Gregorios, Dr. Eggman chose that moment to contact Metal Sonic and dispatch him to Casino Park, sparing Gregorios any further harm. Gregorios determined from this experience that it was necessary to "break tradition" and "warn the others," indicating that he was not alone in possessing knowledge sought by Metal and Eggman. He subsequently contacted the Knothole Freedom Fighters aboard the Sky Patrol to inform them of a means by which they could defeat Dark Gaia. (StH: #268, #271)

Gregorios greeted Sonic the Hedgehog, Antoine D'Coolette, and Chip upon their arrival at the town temple, where he escorted them to a secret door behind a tapestry; leading to the Gaia Gate. There he proceeded to give them a basic rundown of the hidden temples' connected inner-workings and the need of the Sun and Moon Keys in order to enter them. Fearing that the information would eventually leak, he presented them with a list of the locations which the various families possessing the keys resided. (StH: #272)

Later, Eggman and his Egg SWATs invaded the Apotos temple and forced Gregorios to reveal the entrance to the Gaia Gate. (StH: #285)

Background Information[]

  • Gregorios was first introduced in the game Sonic Unleashed.