Mobius Encyclopaedia

The Great South Ocean was one of the four oceans of Mobius and a part of the Mobian Sea. It was the second largest of the oceans, the largest being the Great Mobocean. It differed in temperature bordering both to the Southern Tundra which was a cold contninent and Efrika, which was a warm contninent. The shores of the ocean was relatively unpopulated. The Land of a Million Lights was located on the shores of the sea (CSE)

Adjesent continents and bodies of water[1][]

The ocean bordered to the Southern Tundra to the south and Efrika and Soumerca to the north. It was connected to the Central Sea with a small straight between Soumerca and Efrika and it was connected with the Great Mobocean in the east. (CSE)

Large Ports[]

Vesuvio, home of the Dragons was located on the island with the same name in the ocean. (CSE)

Countries with coast towards the Central Sea[2][]

Large Islands[]

The island of Vesuvio was located in the sea. The Soumercan Archipelago was loctaed in the sea consisting of numerous large and small islands. A large Efrikan island was also located in the sea. (CSE)