The Great Mobocean was one of the oceans on Mobius and a part of the Mobian Sea. It was the largest of the four oceans and it was connected to all other oceans. Due to its vastness, the ocean hosted many islands and had several countries which bordered the ocean. (CSE)

Adjesent continents and bodies of water

The ocean bordered the northern parts of Yurashia and Northamer to the north, and was connected by a small straight to the Frozen North Sea between the continents. To the west, the sea bordered to Yurashias east coast and Downunda was located in the south-west of the ocean, it was also connected to the Great South Ocean to the south-west. The ocean bordered the Southern Tundra and various large Soumercan islands to the south and the rest of Soumerca to the east. Nortamers west-coast was towards the Great Mobocean. The ocean was also connected with the Central Sea with a straight between Northamer and Soumerca. The only two contninets that does not border this ocean was Efrika and the Northern Tundra. (CSE)

Large Ports

In Northamer, the Golden Hive Colony was located to the Great Mobocean, there were also a settlement on Big Kahuna Island which was just out of the shores of Northamer. Oil Ocean Refinery was located on the shores of the sea. In Downunda, the Acorn colony of Priscilla was located. (CSE)

Countries With Coast Towards the Great Mobocean

Large Islands

Various large Soumercan islands was located in the sea, including Gascarma and Dorcea. Cocoa Island was also located in the sea, which was used by the Battle Bird Armada as a training ground. Flicky Island and Big Kahuna Island was two Northamer islands located in the sea. (CSE)

Background Information

  • The Great Mobocean was probably evovled from the Pacific Ocean on present day earth
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