You may be looking for Gravity Man, Gravity Antonion, or Gravity Beetle.

Jet captures Sonic with the Gravity Ring.

The Gravity Ring is an artifact of ancient Babylon over one-thousand years old. It was originally a component of the Babylon Garden's ignition matrix. After the ancient Babylonians settled on Mobius a millennium ago, they removed the ignition matrix and separated the Gravity Ring from the cube-base to prevent the Garden from being activated. The Ring somehow came into possession of the Battle Kukkus, and became an ancestral heirloom for them. In the past 500 years, the ring was then passed from "father to worthy son" as a sign of succession for leadership of the Battle Bird Armada. (SU: #34, #36)

In the time that Grand Battle Kukku XV rose to power, the Armada's chief engineer Dr. Fukurokov examined the Ring and discovered it could create a compressed gravity field for a brief period which enabled the bearer to ensnare and immobilize a target. This ability aided the Battle Lord in recapturing the Babylon Rogues when he confronted them in the Gigan Mountains. Afterwards, the Battle Lord gave the Gravity Ring to Jet and Wave as part of the Armada's  plan to invade New Mobotropolis, by which the Rogues neutralized Sonic. Once the Babylon Garden was uncovered, the Rogues assembled the key to activate the Garden, only to learn that doing so would cause the creation of a black hole and destroy the planet. After a brief struggle with the Rogues and Speedy, Sonic grabbed the ignition matrix and destroyed it and the Ring into irreparable fragments, causing the Garden to crash-land and take down the Battle Fortress with it. (SU: #34, #35, #36)

Background Information

  • The ring might be based on the Ark of the Cosmos from Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity.
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