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All of the Echidna Grandmasters with Finitevus in the centre

Grandmaster was the title given to the current leader of the Dark Legion. Generally, Grandmasters are descendants from the Great Dimitri, whose son went on to create the Dark Legion. (KtE: #2)

The term "Grandmaster" was appropriated by Dr. Eggman after the remnants of the original Dark Legion joined the Eggman Empire under Lien-Da; the term was subsequently applied to all of the various Sub-Bosses. (StH: #184, #214)

List of All Grandmasters

Dark Legion

In order of succession:

  • Menniker - founded the Dark Legion, killed by exploding missile alongside Aaron when the latter detonated it.
  • Moritori Rex - Replaced Tobor and infiltrated the Brotherhood of Guardians; poisoned Janelle-Li, maintained Legion bases in the Prime Zone
  • Luger - Led an invasion that was thwarted by Thunderhawk. Was also the first Grandmaster to willingly order the Dark Legion's return to the Twilight Zone after escaping a second time. He was later atomized by Lien-Da.
  • Kragok - Led several battles against Knuckles and the Chaotix. Was killed by Tobor after colliding into the Battle Cruiser.
  • Enerjak - took over the legion while possessing Dimitri's body. Had his energy taken by Mammoth Mogul.
  • Dimitri - Took over the Legion first as Enerjak, later ruling as himself until he was betrayed by Lien-Da.
  • Remington - Caused a civil war when trying to become Grandmaster, becoming leader of the former Frost Legion faction until his memory was restored by the second Enerjak.
  • Lien-Da - Led the Dark Legion resistance on Angel Island, later became Grandmaster of the former Flame Legion faction. She subsequently became the Grandmaster of the echidna branch of the Dark Egg Legion after disposing of Dimitri.

Dark Egg Legion

See: Sub-Boss for more information on Eggman's "Grandmasters".